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Name Belladonna Antoinette Beauvier
Class Corpse
CIN >>Classified<<
Employer Babel
Position BlackOps Field Commander
Occupation BlackOps Team Leader
Street Name Bel - Bitch - Bella
Race Caucasian
Nationality French
Birthplace Paris, France
Age 27
Height 5'11
Weight 59 Kilos
Eyes Crystal Blue - Variable
Hair Blonde - Variable
Sexual Orientation Bisexual






Next of Kin


History / Attitude

Born in Paris, France not a great deal is revealed in her dossier about Belladonna’s youth and formative upbringing. Some reports seem to hint that she was recruited from relatively accomplished Corpse parents in some arcology, while others seem to imply she was a lucky find of a specialized program that aimed at snatching up disenfranchised youth or orphans and running them through a battery of brutal tests, both physical and mental, in an attempt to isolate and recruit a handful of highly motivated soldier-types whose genetic predisposition to sociopathy would lend itself to creating the perfect asset in the field.

Regardless of the reality or whether this is merely more tinsel meant to mislead and confuse whoever might be digging, Belladonna has had nothing less than a brilliant career thus far, in her service to Babel. Ruthless almost to a fault, she is not above sacrificing or brutalizing who and almost whatever is necessary to achieve her mission objectives. This has caused her to be both feared, reviled and in some circles respected by her peers and even those who work under her. Even the occasional boardroom type has taken exception to her methods, though when push came to shove it was the boardroom flunky who ended up jettisoned out into the void for a messy death before re-entry did away with any evidence.

More than once she has been accused of having quite a set of balls on her, but never to her face. Where some achieve notoriety based on flamboyant risks and tactics, Bella achieves the same by methodically working out the varied details of most Ops and closing off any and every escape route that her prey might hope to avail themselves of. And though she can be a supreme hard-ass, and even prides herself on that fact, she is not completely one-dimensional.

There is a side of her that she rarely shows, excepting to lovers more often than not. And when she takes a lover she doesn’t necessarily restrict herself to one gender or even to the entirely human. After a brief, torrid affair with the cyborg Riproar, for instance, she arranged for his entire team to run afoul of a detonation that should have wiped them all out. Riproar escaped, but Bella was wily enough to insure that there was no longer any hope that the cyborg could safely contact, much less return to Babel. Still, whether she is an innate black widow type or just struggles with finding the happy medium that might exist between her professional and personal life remains to be seen.

Understandably, it’s as much a curse as it might be a blessing to earn her amorous interest.



While Belladonna’s specific degree of training in various martial, corporate and covert arenas is highly classified it’s fair to assume that she has extensive training in all of those variety of those, including covert and overt small and large-scale tactics, heavy, advanced and personal weapons systems and the like. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that she also has training in psych-ops, media manipulation and the like, on those few instances where she might come face to face with the global media machine.

 Like any Babel BlackOps operative worthy of continued existence she is an expert in piloting most forms of vehicle-craft, from sub-orbital and space-worthy variants to ground based tanks, hovercraft, standard vehicles and the like. In addition, she’s capable of piloting most forms of helo-craft and VTOL with relative ease. Standard BlackOps training likely also includes espionage, terrorism, counter espionage and counter terrorism, exfiltration and counter exfiltration tactics and so forth.

Unique Features

Like all Babel Field Assets, Belladonna either doesn't sport any unique identifiers like birthmarks, tattoos, piercings and the like, or possesses a means by which to cloak any of those from obvious sight. It is known that she does possess an affectation for smoking vanilla scented cigarellos, making them one of the few tell-tale giveaways she indulges in.

rLike all Babel Field Operatives she also tends to wear form-fitted cutting-edge body armor that possesses mimetic properties and makes most forms of standardized body armor seem pedestrian by comparison.

Cyber / Bioware


Incomplete list: gen-links (x2)* bio-ceramite mem-implants* dermal motor suite* enhanced articulation* bio array* bio regulator* cyber optics* holojack* data filter* sleep regulator* inertial nav sys* personal GPU* tonal shift* cyber transducer* color me* x-spot (x6)* neu nails* sense skin* silk skin* scent glands* v-extension* trauma damper* cardiac booster*


As is the case with most Babel Assets, Bella has access to just about any sort of vehicle, gear or equipment she might need for a given mission or operation, though she can't just commandeer such in most cases without going through the proper channels.




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