Beyond the run of the mill wares available in the back alley, secondhand chop shops and relatively low profile cyber clinics there are those enigmatic black hole institutions that deal in custom-made creations and grades of bio and cyberware that mark the difference between the lucky scag who managed to score enough creds to wire up a bit, and those elite professionals who are the man-machine top of the food-chain, pseudo living embodiments of walking death. Most often found within the bodies of uppermost end corporate assets or off the books entirely, where a single ultra-enhanced operative is preferable to throwing numbers at a problem, these are the operatives that most aren't even aware of until it's far too late.

The wares listed below are on the cutting edge of what passes for modern day science in 2312. Composed of both experimental elements and in some cases even theories, they represent the upper most echelon of what can be legitimately obtained at horrific prices in terms of credit and potentially the subject's own humanity. Fashioned and produced primarily via the megaorps these wares are generally incorporated into their hosts at especially secure and blacker than black cyber clinics that specialize in anonymity, unquestionable skill and reliability. In almost all cases a specific megacorp has to be behind the dissemination of any specific versions of these wares, the misplacement of which carries a hefty price.














  Bio-Ceramic Bone Lacing Damage             DRR            Statistics           Barrier Rating - Points  (NS) Ext
              Punch:2d4+2         -4    +50HP - +4 Strength            14 - 140


               Kick:2d4+4                        3HP - Hour                 14HP - Hour


  Composed of an amazingly resilient bio-ceramic further reinforced by segmented nanite woven mini-tubules, this lacing makes the subject's bones virtually unbreakable, and while lighter than titanium lacing, provides a great deal more stopping power and raw physical strength in unarmed combat. Like other forms of bone lacing modifications this operation is extremely stressful to the subject's physiology.
  Note: The bio-ceramic filaments are interwoven into the subject's skeletal frame are surrounded by an ambient bio-plasma field that also enhances the subject's ability to regenerate and grants a degree of relative protection from specific forms of attack. As in the case of the black-synth skel modification, this field renders the neck, fingers, knees and toes unbreakable despite the lack of solid bone structure. (i,e. Cartilage, tendons, etc.) This ware adds about 1 kilo to the subject's overall weight. The additional Strength comes from the necessary reinforcement of the subject's muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as the reinforced skeleton itself. With respect to damage modifiers the subject does the listed damage on a simple punch or kick to foes (This is in addition to any skill bonuses and counts as damage as opposed to sub-dual damage.) and anyone striking him or her takes half the damage if such a strike would contact any portion of the subject's augmented skeleton. Materials with a lesser barrier rating can be harmed by the subject of this procedure causing 30% of the listed damage, though utilizing the skeletal enhancement in this way tends to destroy the flesh or thin veneer of tissue that covers the subject's bones, damages a finite degree of the external structure and makes quite a mess. The DRR (Damage Reduction Rating) aids the subject in avoiding damage from most sources. The skeleton's structure is enhanced by a barrier point amount that repairs itself at an impressive rate.

Bio-Plasma Shroud



(NS) Ext




The cutting edge in bio-regeneration the shroud encapsulates the subject's body in a fluctuating energy field that totally regenerates damaged tissue and cells. This process requires 30 full minutes to complete, during which the subject is unconscious and excessively vulnerable. The shroud can only be used once every 7 days. If the field is interrupted healing does not take place and the subject must wait a full 7 days before the Shroud can be utilized again.


Note: The Shroud will automatically initiate if death would otherwise occur, assuming of course that it is possible.

  Black Synth-Skel Damage             DRR                      Statistics                     Barrier Rating - Points  (NS) Ext
     Punch:2d6+6         -8    +90HP - +6 Strength - +2 Agility           18 - 180


      Kick:2d6+8                               12HP - Hour                        18HP - Hour


  In this process the subject's skeleton is suffused and transmuted into a nigh unbreakable, lightweight experimental bio poly-ceramic. Lighter than all other bone lacing and mundane bone augmentations the synth-skel adds to the subject's speed even as it adds greater raw physical strength and stopping power than all other bone augmentation procedures.
  Note: The transmuted skeleton and bones of the subject are surrounded by an ambient bio-plasma field that enhances the subject's ability to regenerate. As in the case of bio-ceramic bone lacing, this field renders the neck, knees, fingers and toes virtually unbreakable despite the lack of solid bone structure. (i,e. Cartilage, tendons, etc.) Added Strength and Agility are a byproduct of the skeleton's new composition and almost negative weight properties. With respect to damage modifiers the subject does the listed damage on a simple punch or kick to foes (This is in addition to any skill bonuses and counts as damage as opposed to sub-dual damage.) and anyone striking him or her takes half the damage if such a strike would contact any portion of the subject's transmuted skeleton. Materials with a lesser barrier rating can be harmed by the subject of this procedure causing 50% of the listed damage, though utilizing the skeletal enhancement in this way tends to destroy the flesh and thin veneer of tissue that covers the subject's knuckles and generally makes a mess. The DRR (Damage Reduction Rating) aids the subject in avoiding damage from most sources. The skeleton's structure is enhanced by the barrier point amount and repairs itself at an impressive rate.
  Cyber Blade Composition - Mod          Damage          Barrier Rating  (NS) Ext

1:                        Poly Ceramic                 3d8+7                  12

1:52000 28
  2:                           Viborium                    8d8+8                  14 2:125000 30
  3:                            Plasma                   10d8+10                 16 3:360000 32
  4:                          Quantum                  12d10+12                18 4:500000 34

                          Poly-Sheathing   (Conceal Bonus: +90%)

1600 20
  While the poly ceramic and viborium cyber blade versions are hidden within the subject's forearms the plasma and quantum variants are not. In the case of the latter two, the capacitor packs that power the projected fields of energy are housed within the subject's forearms instead. Though one might expect that the viborium and poly ceramic variants would be limited to the length of the subject's forearms at most, they can be half again as long due to the blade's ability to utilize a staggered telescoping technique. Once the blade's size is decided upon it cannot be altered without complete removal of the previous augmentation and replacement with a new variant of the desired length. In all cases the blade, whether solid or energy based projects from just above the subject's wrist and prevents the subject from lifting his or her wrist so that it would come into contact with the blade.
  Note: Against barrier rated targets of lesser strength, poly ceramic blades do 1/2 their listed damage while viborium, plasma and quantum variants do full damage. Poly-Sheathing involves coating the blades in a translucent nanite solution that subtly warps light and renders the blades effectively invisible to cursory observance. This treatment can obviously only be done to poly ceramic and viborium blades. Viborium is considered an energy attack as opposed to kinetic. The listed cost is for both hands, if only one is augmented with this ware halve the price. Plasma and Quantum cyber blades can only remain active via their capacitor packs for 2 full minutes after which they require 10 minutes of motion (normal movement) to recharge. Short successive uses, ie. 1 minute with 5 minutes rest between reuse, etc. can potentially allow them to be utilized indefinitely.
  Cyber Brain

  Data Transfer Rating                     Statistics                                 Time Modifier  

  (NS) Ext

1:           (x2)   +5 Intel - Intuit  +15 Reflex +8/+4 to Intel/Phys based skills    -50%

1:2500000 30

2:         (x4)   +7 Intel - Intuit  +21 Reflex +12/+6 to Intel/Phys based skills  -75%

2:5500000 32

The cyber brain is an artificially ultra-amped state-of-the-art enhanced brain and neural net that replaces the subject's brain with one that is far more efficient and resilient. While it greatly enhances the subject's intuition and intelligence the most telling byproducts of the cyber brain are its incredibly enhanced data throughput modifiers and the nascent capacity to utilize eidetic memory and eidetic reflexes, a bonus to technically or intelligence and physical based skills, and the amount of time it allows the subject to shave off of those tasks that are mental or intelligence based in nature but require time to achieve. Whether it be programming, correlating, sifting through copious amounts of information, and so forth. Cyber brains are similarly capable of the same capacity as at least baseline dual encephalon modifications (and potentially upper echelon variants), though the benefits are not tabulated above.


Note: The cyber brain cannot be used in conjunction with the following wares: Cerebral Booster - Cerebro Enhancement - Mnemonic Enhancer - Neural Replacement - Dual Encephalon -Reflex Recorder - Synaptic Accelerator



Conceal Rating          Single - Dual          Call Shot - Dual


(NS) Mod


                             98%                 +8/ (+8/+8)            +4/ (+4/+4)



The cutting edge of smart link technologies. Through the incorporation of nanite thin bio-alloys into the subject's palm or palms, the genius-link provides total intimate knowledge of a weapon's condition, number of rounds, mode of fire, barrel heat, etc. Genius-linked weapons allow gen-link users to fire at the same or separate targets with disgusting accuracy and ease. Otherwise with both these, and any weapon equipped with smart link technology the user gains a remarkable fluidity and poise of presence with their weapon that makes the improved smart linked soldier look like a child with a toy gun. Gen-linked weapons can be literally drawn to the hands of a subject's gen-linked hand from as far as 3 meters away. However if the weapon in question belongs to another gen-linked person, this is not an option.


Note: The gen-link ballistic expert system allows the gunman of today a chance to earn kills even off of ricochets in some instances, the user is also able to pre-call a repeat burst, (Treat ricochet shots as normal shots, no bonuses, no penalties. Range to target 3 meters from any ricochet, -3 to hit for each ricochet after the first, 3 ricochet max. Firing a weapon's max for that combat round in the same spot.) and negates dual-weapon use penalties when two gen-links are utilized. The gen-link grants an additional weapon attack per round if the weapon is likewise gen-linked and will override the smart grip protection feature often incorporated into guns. While the general benefits of the gen-link can be utilized even with weapons equipped only with basic smart link technology, only with gen-link adapted weapons do the bonus attacks become available or the ballistic expert system options noted above. The cost of gen-linking any weapon is 1200.


Infiltrator Voice Suite

Voice Quality Rating


(NS) Mod




The infiltrator suite grants the subject full tonal, voice-print, and subliminal suggestive capabilities. Voice-print mimicry is dependant upon having at least 1 full minute of speech by the person to be duplicated. While the suite duplicates the voice the subject is unable to speak for a full three hours, as the ware hones the necessary modulation to mimic the desired target. Any cessation of this silence whether it be a growl a whisper etc., will halt the process and it will have to begin anew. Subliminal suggestions have a 25% chance of succeeding except in those cases where the course of action suggested is diametrically opposed to the targets own goals and personal well-being.

  Plasma Sheathed Monofilament Conceal Rating                    Location                    Damage  (NS) Min
  1:                           98%                        Thumb tip               2d6+4(x3) 1:20000 30
  2:                           98%                           Wrist                  2d6+4(x3) 2:20000 30
  This process involves replacing or modifying either one of the subject's fingertips, fingernails or securing a very small spool and trigger soft-divot into the subject's wrist bone that upon pulling or depression frees the section of the fingertip, nail or wrist and allows the spool of deadly plasma sheathed monomolecular razor wire to be pulled free for use as a brutally effective weapon. Ideal for surprise attacks, this deadly bit of coruscating razorwire can be used to lethal affect in close quarter combat.
  Note: With respect to monofilament edged weapons or the like, instead of interacting with such as would normal monofilament plasma sheathed monofilament interacts as follows. The plasma sheathing causes the monofilament to act as an energy weapon, allowing it to do direct damage to various armor and weapon types. Against similar technologies. For instance if plasma sheathed monofilament were to contact basic monofilament, the basic variation would be sliced through. (Vibranium, particle weaponry, bio-ceramic bone lacing, black-synth skel, etc.) the weapons cause an earsplitting sound and no few sparks but simply glance off one another. (In the case of the bone augmentations, the subject's flesh is obviously not protected from this glancing effect.)

Pulsar Z-Grav Implants

Speed                                                  Maximum Range


(NS) Ext


            134 meters - per second                        45 Miles every 10 minutes



Utilizing a tailored inertial field projector-dampener, along with modified Z-Grav implants the Pulsar enhancement allows its user to defy the laws of gravity and physics to a more controlled degree. Running along walls, leaping, or jumping vast distances, etc. are child's play to the subject who opts for the Pulsar Z-Grav Implants which allow them to actually fly for limited amounts of time. Expert navigation systems act to prevent collisions at more than a quarter speed.


Note: Extended use will begin to drain on the user and overwhelm them with lethargy for twice the time the ware's limits were exceeded. (All physical stats halved.) Max non-taxing duration is 9 minutes. Though repeated short-term usage, with at least 1 minute intervals between each usage will not cause a problem. Use in this way with 1 minute of rest after every 9 minutes of flight, would equate to 270 miles of flight in an hour. Pulsar Z-Grav Implants are not compatible with Warp-Ware. The benefits of this ware in combat are the same as Z-Grav implants and otherwise strictly apply to movement and don't allow the subject to act as swiftly as those who might be modified by any form of ware-based physical speed/combat enhancement.


Synergy Conduit



(NS) Ext




The synergy conduit allows the subject to utilize any electrical outlet or generator to replenish or recover from either or both physical or mental exhaustion in a matter of minutes, whether as a result of exposure, torture, simple muscle fatigue, lack of sleep, and so forth. In a mere five minute span of time, the subject is completely revitalized and renewed as though he or she had rested the appropriate amount of time to fully recover from whatever form of temporary impairment, within the range mentioned above; might have been affecting them. The Synergy Conduit can only be used once in any 72 hour period.  

  Tactical Grid Suite Situational Bonuses                    Identify Friend or Foe          Armor  (NS) Ext

    +4 Agility  +3 Intuition  +6 Reflex                         +6                         -3


  +6% chance to auto-strike - evade


  Tactical-Grid Suite (sans TVAI)   
      +2 Agility +1 Intuition  +3 Reflex                          +3                         -3    

  +2% chance to auto-strike - evade


This micro-processing suite was created to accentuate and augment the formidable T-VAI. When used in conjunction with the T-VAI the TGS allows its user to better use the terrain to their advantage and more easily predict the actions of enemy targets. The TGS is equipped with a hypersquirt relay expert intrusion system that is capable of tapping suborbital and orbital satellites only to allow 3D holographic projections of their own position and a 300 meter diameter radius. The TGS can likewise greatly aid in terms of allowing the subject to avoid some surprises. 


Note: The lesser values represented above are what are available before data is fully tabulated and fed through to the T-VAI which requires 2 combat rounds. Likewise, if the subject is beneath more than 5 meters of ground the lesser bonus is all that can apply.

  Tactical VAI Situational Bonuses                    Identify Friend or Foe          Armor  (NS) Ext
  1:   +2 Agility  +2+2d4 Reflex  +2 Intuition                  8                          -2 1:250000 28
          4% chance to auto-strike - evade    
  2:   +4 Agility  +4+3d4 Reflex  +4 Intuition                 12                         -4 2:550000 30
          7% chance to auto-strike - evade    
  3:   +6 Agility  +6+4d4 Reflex  +6 Intuition                 18                         -6 3:850000 32
          10% chance to auto-strike - evade    
  This tactical micro-processing suite sports a host of detective arrays and links to every sense the subject possesses, likewise honing them to fantastic levels. Resonance, magnetic shift, sightless sound radar, body-heat, and a host of other sensors are incorporated into the subject for use by the Tactical Virtual AI. Even the basest system allows for the simultaneous tracking of up to 8 distinct targets and assessment of tactics and most probable actions. Denoting in peaceful situations what environmental objects or people could prove most threatening or useful. Each T-VAI is automatically programmed with personal combat tactics that not only aid reflex, but provide the user with an uncanny combat intuition.
  Note: A full 2 rounds of combat must occur before ANY T-VAI bonuses accrue. Yes it even aids hackers in the void, though program opposition overrides auto-strike/evasion percentages which instead, only add half their % to the applicable program's effective rating. Within the void the Armor bonus is halved as a DRR bonus.
  Virtual AI           Statistics                    Intelligence Skill Bonus          Data Transfer Rating  (NS) Ext

1: +2 Intuition  +2 Intelligence                  +2                                  +10

1:750000 26

2: +4 Intuition  +3 Intelligence                  +4                                  +20

2:1250000 28

3: +6 Intuition  +4 Intelligence                  +6                                  +30

4:2000000 30

The VAI impressively augments the subject's processing capacity and effective intelligence. The VAI possesses both a distinct user defined personality and various modes of communication, represented by a voice only audible to and chosen by the subject or an intuitive shared awareness. This thin, thumbnail-sized super micro-processor is capable of an impressive degree of autonomous functionality. While its primary objective programming varies, its scope is impressively wide ranged, whether it be self-preservation, accomplishment of predetermined objectives, etc. Beyond these potent functions the processor likewise correlates and oversees any and all wares in the host form. Regulating and managing all information and pertinent data faster and with a flawless ease that enhances both the wares and the subjectís overall capabilities.


Note: The bonuses gained from a virtual AI microprocessor are not cumulative with the expert microprocessor I/O router option, but are with the network admin option. Likewise, if the subject has a programming SPU and slaves it to the VAI microprocessor the SPU's functionality gains a 25% bonus to its functionality per level of the VAI. Where applicable various benefits are gained in conjunction with other wares.

  Warp-Ware Situational Bonuses                     Armor - Strike Bonuses  (NS) Ext
    8d6 +30 (x2) to Reflex  +24 Agility +21 Intuition            -24 - +22


              76% chance to auto-strike - evade    
  Through the combination of geo-gravitational induction coils, manipulative inertial field generators, and specially tailored and experimental (lvl4) reflex coils, the subject steps beyond the realm of all other reflex enhancements. To the user of warp-ware the world around them quite literally slows to an unmoving crawl. The subject can move through a room without being seen as if by teleportation, easily avoiding detection. The applications and advantages in combat are painfully obvious. To the senses of anyone not similarly augmented it appears as if the subject simply vanishes or appears as the case may be. A localized inertial grav-field precludes the typical effects that might accompany anything moving at such speeds, such as the subject's potential inability to breath, sonic booms, localized air disturbance, etc. This effect can persist for only up to 1 minute and allows the subject to move roughly 1524 meters a second or almost 57 miles in a span of 1 minute and roughly 855 miles in an hour assuming of course that it's physically possible based on terrain.
  Note: Each minute of peak use beyond the first, the subject runs the risk of lapsing into unconsciousness. There is a cumulative 1% chance per 10 seconds after the initial minute or until its effects are willfully ended. At most a subject could function at peak levels for 17 minutes and 40 seconds. Repeated short-term usage of a minute or less, with at least 3 minutes between each usage will not cause a problem. Use beyond this threshold will cause the subject to immediately fall into a comatose state for 1 hour per 30 seconds over the threshold. With respect to the subject's chance to auto-strike and evade, the % is adjusted by subtracting any modifiers in this regard that the target has as well, with parity voiding those bonuses gained due to both nullifying each other. Warp-Ware is not compatible with Pulsar Z-Grav Implants.




(NS) Ext




This bio-engineered organ grants varying psychic abilities or phenomena to the subject. Still in the testing phase, it is hoped that those subject's that survive initial implantation and subsequent day to day life will aid in the honing of the process and understanding of the potential range of powers granted. Thus far, only three individuals have survived the process. Two have somehow escaped despite the extensive security precautions taken and the last serves an unidentified corporation. One of the escapees, a female, is dead and the third is believed to be dead or still at large.


Z-Grav Implants

Situational Modifiers          Autostrike - Evade Chance


(NS) Ext


                        +4 Agility  + 3 Reflex                          2%



Utilizing a derivative of the geo-graviton science in Warp-Ware, Z-Grav implants allow the user to defy the laws of gravity and physics to a small degree and for a limited duration. Running along walls, leaping or jumping vast distances, weakening the pull of gravity on the user during a fall, all of these are potential uses for the implants. The rest is left to the imagination.


Note: Extended use will begin to drain on the user and overwhelm them with lethargy for twice the time the ware's limits were exceeded. (All physical stats halved.) Max non-taxing duration is 9 minutes. Though repeated short-term usage, with at least 30 seconds between each usage will not cause a problem.