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Name Kaiko Zhang Antonia Serafino
Class Corpse
CIN >>Classified<<
Employer Neu-Leben Bionetics
Position Covert Field-Operative
Occupation Wetworks Specialist
Street Name Blink
Race Caucasian
Nationality Italian
Birthplace Florence, Italy
Age 21
Height 5'6
Weight 46.10 Kilos
Eyes Bright Green - Variable
Hair Dark Red - Black - Variable
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual


 Joseph Serafino (Deceased)



Zhang Serafino (Deceased)

Next of Kin

None listed.

History / Attitude

Born in Florence, Italy Kaiko Serafino is an ambitious and complex young woman, who tends to set nigh impossible goals for herself and then usually finds a way, via hook, crook or raw unabashed talent and audacity to achieve them. The only child of Corpse parents, her father was a gifted Conflict Assessment and Investment Division Head and her mother was one of the world’s premier martial artists, boasting world championship titles in Aikido, Bacom, Judo, Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Raised from earliest childhood with a focus on threat and environmental assessment, discipline and rigorous training and practice, it’s no wonder that she eventually became one of, if not the top-tiered wetworks specialist for Neu-Leben Bionetics. At the tender age of thirteen both her parents were taken from her in a hostile exfiltration attempt that went south. And though she’s never been allowed to see the footage, the reality is that her mother took her father’s life, rather than allow him to be captured and then died fighting. Whether this was due to her loyalty to Neu-Leben, or to protect her daughter even the analysts couldn’t say. The end result however was that Bryce Campbell made sure that young Serafino was taken care of.

 Passionate and fiery one second, she can be just as chillingly cold and methodical the next. Though fully capable of carefully plotting and orchestrating the successful removal of what might seem to be a near impossible target, she generally prefers to wing most of her assignments and trust in her ability to adapt circumstances to her favor and improvise on the spot to complete her contracts. Her reasoning is that the sheer unpredictability factor tends to allow for opportunities that render even the most guarded targets potentially vulnerable, assuming of course she can capitalize on said opportunity.



While the majority of her skill-set is classified for obvious reasons it goes without saying that Kaiko is more than just proficient in a variety of martial disciplines, having been taught for years by one of the best in combatants in the world. Seemingly possessed of  an innate knack for her chosen vocation she has yet to fail in an assignment, though isn’t so filled with pride and hubris that she thinks that will always be the case. In addition to being a master-class martial artist in an arrange of styles, she has mastered the use of various weapon-types. From long guns, knives, monofilament garrotes, improvised weaponry, poisons and more exotic specialist items, she has likely received exhaustive training and taken it upon herself to master a wide assortment of instruments meant to maim and kill outright.

 Likewise, of necessity she is a master of shadowing and researching her targets, which are necessary steps in most cases, when it comes to removing a threat to Neu-Leben or insuring that she retires the correct target in a way that assures the job is done and allows her a means of ready escape.

Unique Features

Almost as if she were genetically engineered to, Kaiko exemplifies the best physical and mental attributes of both of her parents. With slightly tilted almond shaped eyes that naturally fluctuate from dark to light green, depending on her mood, a flawlessly smooth, silky complexion and fine, thick red-black hair. Ironically, the only real cross she bears physically is that her beauty can make it difficult for her to remain anonymous, even in a crowd.

Lean and well-muscled, though shapely, she has a seeming inability to retain body fat that doesn’t require her to utilize various types of fitware and the like. She carries herself with the spellbinding lissome fluidity of a body theater artist, always seemingly leaning just a tad too forward as if on the verge of launching into a graceful dance or deadly assault at any moment. In addition to her preternatural sense of grace, she moves with an otherwise economical sense of simple fluidity that bespeaks extensive combat training and an awareness of both herself and the energy she wishes to hold in reserve.

She sports several holo-nanite tattoos that she can change at will, has a predilection for piercings and dressing down 'stylishly' most of the time. She also enjoys carrying her weaponry in open view much of the time, assuming she can get away with it. Though she is most often coppery or mocha hued in terms of her skin color, as with her eyes and hair, she is capable of altering her appearance in a relatively short amount of time when it is required.

Cyber / Bioware



As a Field Operative for Neu-Leben Bionetics, Kaiko can generally get her hands on any gear that might be required for a given job, though she favors Glock Stealths.




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