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Name Isabella Villesanto De'Luna Abercrombie
Class Edger
CIN >>Varies<<
Employer Babel >>Varies<<
Position Freelance Hacker
Occupation Data-Pirate
Street Name Bliss
Race Caucasian
Nationality Spanish
Birthplace Granada, Spain
Age 20
Height 5'4
Weight 49.12 Kilos
Eyes Violet Blue - Variable
Hair Blue-black - Variable
Sexual Orientation Bisexual


 Michael Abercrombie



Maria Villesanto De'Luna Abercrombie

Next of Kin

Michael Abercrombie, Maria Villesanto De'Luna Abercrombie, Antonio Abercrombie (twin brother)

History / Attitude

Even as a child Isabella was precocious, daring and high-spirited. Indulged by her parents, alongside her twin brother, she grew up largely free of the usual limitations one might associate with the arcologies or the streets. A childhood spent among Corpse adults who were always immersed in schemes, coupled with certain pivotal events in her early youth saw young Isa acting and behaving more like an adult than a child before she reached her teens.

Her early to mid-teen years were marked by an exceptionally rebellious period during which she hooked up with an eco-terrorist hacking group, which bloodied the noses of half a dozen different middling corporations and even one of the big boys. It was this dubious success that brought her to the attention of Babel, who upon capturing her, offered her a chance to work for them rather than face the far worse penalties that awaited anyone flouting corporate law and corporations in the way that she and her peers had. The rest of her compatriots weren’t so lucky…

Within Babel she received both standardized and specialized BlackOps training and gained access to bleeding edge wares that were anything but standard. However, her tenure with Babel wasn’t to be a life-long commitment, as she cut her ties and pulled a fade shortly after being targeted by one of her fellow BlackOps Agents. The very thing that made her such an asset in the beginning has thus far aided her in staying alive and at least a step or two ahead of the penultimate megacorp. Knowing that she can never contact her parents or sibling again, lest she put them at greater risk than they already are, Isa has been busy trying to find a home for herself in the shadows of the self-same megacorps she used to stand above. But it isn't an easy thing to impress the right people while avoiding the notice of Babel...

A hedonist by nature, since leaving Babel Isa has spent much of her time indulging herself and enjoying her newfound freedom. Sowing mischief and discord when not busied with a specific contract or job, she has never been happier. Near the end of her tenure with Babel she had been jaded and borderline suicidal, whereas now she has reclaimed that earlier zest for life she possessed before being captured by Babel. More recently she has realized she succumbs to random blackouts, wherein she is evidently still active. Though this troubles her, she has yet to find a way to discover what it is that’s going on.



While many of her skills are classified, owing to her time with Babel, prior to that Isa attended the finest colleges and graduate schools and has mastered many languages as well as several sciences. She speaks French, English, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese fluently, and holds PhD degrees in various Void and cyberdeck sciences and designs. She is also a professionally licensed interpreter.

She has received elite training in the use of various firearms, espionage techniques, deep cover work, disguise, hand to hand combat, tactics and a host of other classified skills courtesy of Babel.

Bliss had often worked as a plant on BlackOps where long term surveillance was required. Seductive by nature, she has never had a problem infiltrating the upper tiers of Corporate power and monetary affluence or street level movements that required observation and/or culling.

Unique Features

Isabella has always been a beautiful woman, even as a child she garnered the attention of peers and adults alike. Her flawless smooth and dusky complexion mixed with her fiery temper are both byproducts of her heritage that have always seemed to work for her. Between her appearance, training and being multi-lingual she can readily pass herself off as being from a wide variety of different countries.

Isa sports several nanite tattoos, that she is capable of altering and programming through the use of her cyberdeck and VAI sub-systems. Usually she chooses those patterns and designs that accentuate her appearance or reflect her present mood.

Carrying herself with a subtle, natural grace and exuding an air of seductive femininity doors tend to open for her with relative ease. Recently she has put all her wiles to good use, doing her best to find a home for herself upon the streets. She is exceptionally intelligent and insightful, which are innate assets that have only been heightened by her time spent training with Babel.

She has a bit of a goth streak in her, and enjoys dressing down, at times sporting a variety of piercings, some obvious and some not so obvious, though usually she prefers to display them. Tending to dress in provocative fashions that compliment her physique, she prefers tones that likewise accentuate her tanned complexion and has been known to dress in whatever she thinks might cause a stir.

Cyber / Bioware


Incomplete list: bio-ceramite mem-implants* dermal motor suite* enhanced articulation* bio array* bio regulator* cyber optics* holojack* data filter* sleep regulator* tonal shift* cyber transducer* color me* x-spot (x8)* neu nails* sense skin* silk skin* scent glands* v-extension* trauma damper* cardiac booster*


Isa has ready access to at least three cutting-edge cyberdecks and likely has more than a handful of storage drops containing advanced tech, funds and various identities that she had previously created for herself. However since leaving Babel these caches are likely dangerous for her to dip into, so she avoids doing so if at all possible.




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