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Name Gabriella Clo Seong
Class Lancer
CIN >>Varies<<
Employer >>Varies<<
Position Panzer/Power Armour Pilot
Occupation Mercenary Rigger
Street Name Clash - Sideswipe
Race Asian
Nationality French
Birthplace Marseille, France
Age 19
Height 5'2
Weight 45.8 Kilos
Eyes Deep Brown - Variable
Hair Black - Variable
Sexual Orientation Bisexual


 Yong Seong



Arielle Ambre Seong

Next of Kin

None listed.

History / Attitude

Born in Marseille, France Gabby led a relatively sheltered childhood wherein most of her time was spent being shipped back and forth between an overly promiscuous mother in Marseille and a domineering and overly controlling father in Incheon, South Korea. From South Korea she developed her love for street racing and rigging, while both locales influenced and played a significant role in her near pathalogical love for the exotic and seemingly irrepressible need to shock and make a spectacle of herself.

Being bounced back and forth, with unfettered freedom in France and only stolen moments in South Korea in addition to being forced to wrestle with her parents quirks has understandably left Gabby with more than a few issues of her own. Hedonistic to a fault, she has a tendency to seduce, tease or quickly grate on the nerves of those she spends any amount of real time around.

In temperament, at her core Gabby lies somewhere between the extremes of her parent's personalities, though she is most content in a controlled environment with a task at hand and a degree of focus that most acquaintances wouldn't believe her capable of.

As a mercenary rigger she is cautious in the extreme, especially in the perpetually over-charged corporate environment she often finds herself contracting under. In the field, she is an adept and versatile strategist who does her best during high-pressure, adaptive on the fly conflicts. As a general rule she is slow to trust, often slipping back into her role as a loner without intending to, even with those who have shed blood, sweat and tears alongside her.


Gabrielle is an exceptionally skilled pilot when it comes to various power armour and vehicular configurations, especially in the case of panzers, hovercraft and light war craft. Like any seasoned rigger, Gabby is keenly adept at flying, driving or piloting most any rigger-enabled drone, bot or vehicle.

Gabby is only semi-capable in physical combat outside her power armour, but has extensive experience in their power armoured variants, whether they be martial and melee combat techniques or devastating over the top power strikes. 

Unique Features

From hour to hour Gabby's appearance may change on a whim. Through the use of various wares she is capable of a remarkable range of physical alteration. In almost every form Gabrielle has an obvious tail and whether its short or long depends upon her form and mood. She has been known to spend a lot of her time as a human animal hybrid, most commonly referred to as a furry. Whether she is her mundane self, a bipedal wolf, fox, catgirl or what have you, the only tried and true affectation she entertains is her taste for piercings and tattoos, which she indulges in with something akin to child-like excitement and glee.

She is equipped with a nanite-hive that allows her to create and alter basic and more advanced holo-tattoos upon her person at will and delights in shocking people and pushing boundaries. This occasionally gets her into trouble with those in her company but there is rarely if ever a dull moment as a result.

Cyber / Bioware

Incomplete list: full body bio-ceramite mem-implants* dermal motor suite* enhanced articulation* bio array* bio regulator* cyber optics* cyber ears* holojack* riggerjack* data filter* sleep regulator* inertial nav sys* personal GPU* tonal shift* cyber transducer* anti-halitosis* color me* x-spot (x8)* neu-fur* neu nails* sense skin* silk skin* scent glands* v-extension* trauma damper* cardiac booster*


Her most valued possessions are a Tomahawk C-Class panzer called Danseur and a suit of Ares Hallowed Scythe power armour. Though a relatively older model, compared to the latest and greatest panzers making the circuits at corporate Triple A Arms Summits, the Tomahawk sports a variety of rapid-response conflict options, at least half a dozen hard-points and enough in the way of readily available munitions to support a full battalion, assuming it's a relatively small one.

The Ares brand Hallowed Scythe power armour has likewise seen a good decade pass since it was considered on the verge of cutting-edge. Despite that fact, as with Danseur, the Hallowed Scythe puts Gabriella on par with most razored-up street samurai if she just happens to find herself in a situation that has her traipsing through danger without the protective exterior of her panzer to rely upon. Likewise, the Scythe allows her to utilize it and Danseur in tandem when she needs the added versatility and distance in the kind of worst-case scenarios, she'd prefer to outright avoid.

In both cases she is a stickler for maintaining their necessary upkeep because they in turn keep her in creds.




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