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Name   Lynn Wei Kyle
Class   Lancer
CIN   >>Corporate Sponsored<<
Employer   Varies
Position   Freelance Bodyguard/Assassin
Occupation   Entertainer/Freelancer
Street Name   Simone Kyle - Envy
Race   Chinese - Korean - Malaysian
Nationality   Singaporean
Birthplace   Taiwan, Japan
Age   26
Height   5'
Weight   44 Kilos
Eyes   Blue-Green - Variable
Hair   Black - Variable
Sexual Orientation   Bisexual








Next of Kin  



The harsh truth is that Simone knows she will never be seen as more than a pet or piece of eye candy by most. And while she's not the brightest bulb she isn't necessarily dimwitted either.

With a keen eye for detail, she comes across as very approachable and easy to like, making friends easily. Despite being a relatively good judge of character, the truth is that she is distrustful of almost everyone and this tends to affect how she interacts with people. Emotionally underdeveloped she can be childish at times over fairly minor things and tends towards teen like adoration of her prospective love interests.

A lesser revealed aspect of Simone's behavior is that she has sociopathic tendencies that she struggles to control and that can occasionally be glimpsed when she deals with people who are a threat to her.


Despite having only the rough equivalent of a high school education, Simone is skilled at her craft, both in front of and behind the holo-cam. As a former actress she can assume a role at the drop of a hat and knows how best to use her talents to her advantage.

In addition to her chosen craft, Simone has had a fair degree of training in hand to hand combat and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, English and has some understanding of German and Spanish.

Distinguishing Features or Characteristics  

Simone has a black scorpion tattoo with a glowing blue aura on her right shoulder. She tends to be a heavy drinker when time and a lack of attention to misdeed permit. She has a well-documented fetish for holo-cameras and recording equipment and tends to record everything, especially her trysts, when time and circumstance permit.

Relatively tiny she has undergone biosculpting alterations in the past, for sims and experia projects but is lean and curvy without being overly muscular and can alter her appearance to a small degree as her wares permit.


Partial list: silk skin * fit ware * micro cast perfect teeth * neu nails * neu hair * dazzle eyes * pheromone type casting * v-extension * anti-halitosis * enhanced muscle augmentation * synaptic accelerator * toxin screen * CP landing enhancement * enhanced articulation * corpse link * holojack * smart link * reflex coils * pain editor * hand razors * 


Simone owns a range of designer kev and steel silk clothing, Glock M-200(x2), Walther PPK S-10 (x2), several carbon steel knives and a few tanto monosteel knives. She also maintains an impressive collection of top of the line holo-recorders, projectors, sim-deck and editing softs and micro feeds and audio pick ups.





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