The various personalities listed below, by no means a totally comprehensive list; are but a few of those who have made a name for themselves within the streets, corporate circles or both as being well-versed in acting as intermediaries for the different tiers of society, allowing Edgers, Lancers and Corpse to do business without ever having to directly deal with or become entangled with one another. Whether dealing in talent outsourcing, providing manpower and information for a fee of course or simply ferreting out and acquiring what is sought only those with a keen instinct for survival last long in this tenuous world. Most if not all Fixers surround themselves with a well-paid retinue of information gatherers, bodyguards and specialists in various fields, from riggers and hackers to plants that work the streets, the criminal organizations or the various corporations as moles who are paid in credit or simple continued existence as long as they prove themselves to be an asset. If you want to get it done, then a fixer is what you need.

While they don't post their numbers in the Void, their eyes and ears generally alert them to potential business opportunities. The usual methods a person can utilize for garnering their attention, until one has established a rapport with them; is through cryptic personal adds, word of mouth on the streets or in the cliquish precincts of the Void, though in some cases the would-be seeker is sought out in turn. Generally unwise to cross, they are considered a valued and necessary intermediary by all the various strata between the towering megacorps and the lowly streets. Their relative strength and value is primarily based on their aptitude for finding what is needed or influencing the diverse talented individuals who can carry out any operation and weasel their way into gaining the important information or product that make up the fixer's stock and trade. A fixer who botches too many jobs usually finds him or herself bloated and festering, floating face down in some sewer aqueduct.


Alexandria The fixer known as Alexandria is an exotic woman of varied tastes, sporting an extraordinarily costly sheathe that grants her the appearance of one of the romanticized vampires from myth and legend. Primarily based in the New York Free-State she travels extensively to Europe and Africa where she enjoys the atmosphere, whether it be the cultured charm of the old-world or the relative primal ferocity of the largely unpopulated African savannas. More than just a negligible share holder in Mitsutetsu she has managed to pull the necessary strings to get the megacorp to complete a tailored viral system that that allows her to sustain herself from the blood of others. She is often surrounded by bodyguards and a carefully assembled court of her choosing, who have been similarly modified. On equitable grounds with the more notable of her peers, she often spends time with Mariko Koboyashi, the Mistress, Dante and even, it is rumored, Maxamillion Von Kempt. She accepts and deals in only the most lucrative contracts with the various megacorps or personages and likewise carefully screens any operatives whom she subsequently hires to carry out her contracts. She owns what was once referred to as the Empire State Building, now called the Ruby Spire; and as one might expect is almost wholly immune to the degradation and brutality that fill the streets of the burgeoning Plex beneath her lofty abode.


Blackwitch The fixer known as the Blackwitch makes her home in the small country of Hawaii and is as influential as she is dangerous and beautiful. Living within an enormous mansion built on the side of the dormant Haleakala volcano, surrounded by lush vegetation and one of the most beautiful views one can find in the hazy atmosphere that seemingly envelopes the earth. Relatively new to the business, she has managed to quickly develop quite a pool of operatives and contractual customers since her arrival on the scene. Dealing primarily with contracts in Japan, and Eastern Asia she is both socially affluent and potentially deadly dependant upon the circumstances. Like Razor, who often seeks to gather her peers together to socialize and discuss business, the Blackwitch has taken a page from her book and does the same; hosting massive celebrations and parties that draw important personages from around the world and drums up more business for her peers and herself in the same breath.


Bubbles As one might expect with a chosen moniker such as Bubbles, this fixer seems to exist beyond the fringes of the world that most have come to begrudgingly call home. Horribly wealthy, she is occasionally called the Black Widow behind her back, due in large part to the two husbands and wife whom she's acquired and outlived, managing in the process to inherit an impressive fortune from one and all. Despite rumors and obvious suspicion of foul play, all of the investigation and scrutiny concerning the circumstances surrounding the deaths of her paramours have yielded nothing in the way of proof that she had any part in their collective demises. This in and of itself might give some indication of just how pervasive her contacts are and likewise indicate how good they are at what they do. Presently based in Paris, Bubbles is a childish hedonist at heart and has had affairs with a long list of the movers and shakers of corporate society. Despite what one might call a dubious track record, she has no shortage of would-be wealthy suitors; though she has yet to give any of them more than a passing roll in the hay.


Cornelius The man named Frank Cornelius was formerly the chief security officer of Babel, who left the megalithic corporation to pursue the private sector markets of wetworks, exfiltration, data-theft and a host of other illicit practices; which most if not all of his peers deal in. It is rumored that he still serves Babel and that his new choice of occupations is purely a means for Babel to ferret out important plots and power plays before they go down and they're probably right. Often farming out contracts to the BlackOps agents he rubbed shoulders with during his tenure with Babel, Cornelius has top echelon talent to pull from and his would-be clients know that going in. Based in Montreal, he barters and brokers deals around the globe and is one of the most dangerous and informed people in the world when it comes to the various subtleties and nuances of the business. Unlike most fixers, Cornelius doesn't utilize a retinue of bodyguards; instead preferring to walk alone and let those who might prey upon him think they'll have an easy time of it. This couldn't be further from the truth...


Joy The woman known as Joy was formerly a Russian sim-sense starlet named Natasha Petrikov, who managed to parlay her impressive salary into a massive fortune by supporting the initial fabrication and introduction of Bliss-chips into the various cities around the world, though no one could ever trace her to such illegal technology. Admired by the socially elite and the general public as well for her talents and beauty, she deals with illicit operations and clients around the world and doesn't overly dabble or worry about the repercussions that might result from contracts she sees fulfilled. Still, she manages to largely hide her involvement in such shady dealings and still remains both well-liked and admired in general. Unlike most of her peers she lives within a sub-orbital satellite that grants her a relative degree of privacy and safety should anyone ever discover that it has been her hand in any particularly reprehensible contract. Like Alexandria, Joy is known to cohort with Mariko Kobayashi and it is rumored that the two have been lovers on occasion.


Nisroch An up and comer on the high-rollers scene, Nisroch is the epitome of what most assume fixer's to be like, in that he is thoroughly without scruples. Nonetheless, the contracts that he hires on for are well-taken care of and every potential angle seen to or utilized for maximum effect. Recently based in the Texas Free-State he has since relocated to Louisiana and is busied with gaining the business of the various crime syndicates and power brokers who call the Free-State home. Not above skimming from the fees of his variable employees, more than one former operative who has served him in some capacity would very much like to see him pushing up daisies. Despite this fact, he has thus far managed to elude the numerous attempts on his life, even when death-marked for brokering a hit on a Yakuza Oyabun. Known for his efficiency with regard to his clients, he is a dangerous and callous soul; who is hungrily clawing his way toward the elite of his profession.


Razor The fixer called Razor seems more like a woman from a bygone age than one existing in the technologically advanced and morally bankrupt society of 2312. An attractive and exceptionally perceptive woman. she is known for being the essence of propriety and deals generously with clients and operatives alike, often undercutting the bids made by other fixers and achieving the desired goals with stunning simplicity and alacrity. Based within Brazil she stands out like a sore thumb in appearance, when compared to the dark complexioned natives who by and large admire and hold her in high esteem. In the wake of the Plume-Virus she embarked on a series of philanthropic donations and conscientious campaigns that aided both the disheartened masses and the fledgling government that was very close to being overthrown in the wake of the brutal corporate clean up. Likewise she managed to acquire the aid of some of her peers, most notably Redrum and Alexandria in leveraging Mitsutetsu and various other megacorps to aid in a far greater way than they would have otherwise, in rebuilding the shattered country. As one might expect, the people of Brazil and elsewhere find little to fault her with, and generally are protective and respectful towards her. With contacts throughout the world she does a great deal of business and often invites her peers to join her for celebrations that have played hosts to various CEO's, governmental officials, dictators and the socially elite.


Redrum Contrary to what one might think when hearing about the woman named Redrum, she is both a philanthropist and an unabashed hedonist with a predilection for the finer things in life. Known to hail from Scotland she owns a large castle that rests upon the shores of Loch Ness and has a penchant for dressing and effecting an appearance intended to startle and unnerve those who are unfamiliar with her. Dealing in all the various avenues open to fixers, she is a confidante of such notable people as the Mistress and Lorelei among others. Her clients, who run the gambit from Eco-Terrorist groups and whole Edger sub-cultures to the various megacorps, rest easy knowing that she sees to every facet of a given operation, often hiring redundant backup teams to assure that those who call upon her gain what it is they seek. Unlike many of her peers she does take an interest in what it is she's being hired to facilitate, in some cases refusing to take on certain projects and in others actively countering those she doesn't approve of. With her contacts this usually is resolved by her simply alerting certain interests who quash the operations before they have a chance to get underway. If she has one true foible, it's her love of pre-holocaust music dating back several hundred years and her collection of such is extensive.


Shadow The woman known simply as Shadow is as elusive and mysterious as one might expect. Prone to exotic dress, with a flawless complexion and variable skin tone she is not the type that is easily forgotten. Based within Techno or Old Chiba she deals primarily in shadow or black clinics, arranging for well-off Lancers and the exceedingly rare Edger to acquire wares and the surgical expertise that allows her clients to augment themselves beyond the normal run of the mill bio and cyberware. Like all fixers she does dabble in information gathering and dissemination as well as the occasional personnel exfiltration, but by and large she avoids the scrutiny of most Corporate interests. Why this is the case is unknown and it very well may simply be a ruse, to give those who deal with her the illusion that like the majority of them she eschews dealing with Corpse directly. Though her resources and contacts beyond the range of top-notch surgeons and those operatives who allow her to get her hands on the wares her customers seek, are limited; she is still one of the richest and likewise most eccentric fixers one might find. Her history and background is largely unknown, and those who delve too deeply as to earn her attention usually find themselves on the receiving end of a flurry of bad luck that often proves fatal.


Silver Based primarily within the California Free-State and its northern neighbor Washington, the woman known as Silver is an old hand at the fixer game. Few, even among her own chosen profession have the reputation for being able to size up potential operatives and clients in the same way she's able to. Though to all appearances she is barely in her early to mid-twenties, she's been at the game of wheeling and dealing for well over four decades, leaving many to speculate that she's either a cyborg or has benefited from more than one genomic revitalization process. In California she tends to move along the coast within the confines of a spacious and expensively appointed yacht, while when she's in Washington, she tends to dwell in a similar conveyance off the outskirts of Seattle, in the Puget Sound. Her connections span the globe and though she seems to prefer her chosen locales, she conducts her business in all the various regions of the world. Though not known for being especially magnanimous, she has on occasion taken a personal interest in some of her acquaintances and is not above taking a risk when it looks as though the potential benefit is worth it. With some of the best talent in the business available to her, her enemies are understandably reluctant to pursue any vendettas against her for fear of  potential reprisal.



Succubus The fixer known as Succubus is believed to be the daughter of the deposed former CEO of Babel itself and as such bears a dangerous grudge against the various megacorps she barters and deals with. Though this is far from common knowledge certain megacorps prefer to deal through other intermediaries and avoid entanglement with this beautiful woman out of hand. While her resources are formidable with respect to secreted credit and illicit accounts, she doesn't have the broad-base of talent to pull from that many of her peers possess. Nonetheless those operatives she does deal with tend to be exceedingly well taken care of and are often utilized to perform double-agent duties, wherein those Corporations that hire her are milked for as much data or credit as can be managed as she gradually builds a foundation for her eventual revenge. More secretive and elusive than any of her fellow fixers, she deals in contracts through false identities, occasionally posing as relatively new and easily reachable fixers who guarantee results and more often than not come through as promised. Though she keeps herself mobile she primarily deals in contracts throughout the various Free-States from North America down into the Southernmost reaches of the continent.


Tabitha Few fixers have the sordid reputation that the woman known as Tabitha enjoys, often accused of being in cahoots with various organized crime syndicates and the like, though never to such extent that any charges brought against her have been able to stick she is seemingly devoid of conscience. Ruthless and calculating, the woman is nonetheless fair and straight-forward in her business arrangements, making sure that her clients are well-pleased with her vicarious services and often farming out contracts to the betterment of the aforementioned criminal organizations. Those who aren't careful as her operatives, and who are likewise not affiliated with the sordid syndicates she caters to are warned to watch their backs. With a keen eye for talent she knows when she's hired someone not worth messing with, but often prefers to find talent who can do the job but likewise might not be capable of resisting a well-planned coup that would allow her to keep the entirety of the fee she barters for on any given job. Primarily based in the New York Free-State, Hong Kong and Tokyo, she prefers to do her business through a facility that keeps her from harm but likewise allows her to assess those she's dealing with.


Tatyanna The beautiful woman known as Tatyanna is obviously of Russian decent, though she can speak flawless English, Mandarin Chinese, French and even Gaelic. Based in the Free-State of Quebec, she is a rarity among fixers in that she has a reputation for being an exceptionally straight-shooter with client and operatives alike. This has helped her cultivate an elaborate network of contacts throughout the world and has endeared her to those who've had the pleasure of making her acquaintance. Known for her perceptive eye for talent and amiable, if cultured attitude she has as many would-be suitors as she does secretive bank accounts, which is saying a lot. She is very well-thought of among all the various tiers of society as a philanthropist and good-natured woman, in a harsh and cruel world. Though she is always accompanied by a phalanx of deadly bodyguards and no few admirers, she occasionally slips away and can be found incognito, performing comedy routines at various high-profile clubs throughout the world.


Tawny Though relatively young and unknown compared to most in her field of work, the woman known as Tawny seems to have come out of nowhere with an already established, extensive network of contacts and a sizeable fortune. Rumors have circulated like wildfire concerning her sudden arrival on the scene and impressive clout. Known to sport several bio-tattoos designed by some of the world's most respected and well-known artists, she likewise dresses in what some call a severe version of minimalism. Enjoying the disconcerting affect her flawless figure and unblemished beauty have on would-be clients and operatives alike, she utilizes her considerable influence with surgical precision. Unlike many of her peers, she insists on meeting prospective business partners, and unsurprisingly more than one Corpse has staged a contrived deal simply for the pleasure of making her acquaintance. She never attends such meetings or goes anywhere it seems, without the company of a handful of obvious bodyguards and it is believed several others who aren't so obvious. Based primarily in Chiba Proper and Neu Hong Kong she is as wealthy as she is mysterious and beautiful.


Tone The woman known as Tone, like most fixers; has extensive contacts throughout the various tiers of society. From the gutters and alleyways, mercenaries, wetworks and data-pirating types to simple chip pushers and joy-girls and boys, she is well-known for being able to provide what is usually needed and has an eye for talent that can get the job done. Primarily based in Europe, she is known to most, simply as a very rich socialite who donates to various charities and is always aware of the most recent gossip regarding just about everything happening in corporate power plays and governmental circles. Though she is as mercenary as most fixers, she usually deals with high-society and Corpse contracts for the most part. Her history is largely unknown, though it is rumored that she was once a highly augmented Lancer who managed to wrangle herself enough credit to leave that dangerous life behind. Most often she is traveling about the Riviera and has been romantically connected with a number of influential statesman as well as the CEO of Neu-Leben, Bryce Campbell though she is adept at keeping her personal business away from the spot-light of the rumor mongering news and holo-shows.