Yeah so you're tough, and you know which way the wind is blowing with respect to the most recent rash of corporate financed killings and gang-led riots running rampant through the streets... but can you get your ass out of the kill-zone when trouble comes a'knocking? Knowing that so and so is going to have his or her hands on the end all be all of cutting edge developmental technology or whatever data is presently sought after by the frenzied powers that be means next to nothing if you can't get passed the grunts with guns and the security measures keeping you and every other greedy sod stuck out on the periphery.

What's that you say? You know someone who knows someone who can get you from point A to point B, if they're available? With the things listed below you're not at the mercy of some busy body who will get to you when they get to you. Besides, everyone knows that the edge-runner who is wholly dependant upon others is courting death at every twist and turn.



Whether it's armor or the latest whiz-bang techno miracle aid you're looking for, odds are you'll find that someone has already found a way to manufacture just what you need, and of course it can be yours; if you've got the cred or contacts to get a'hold of it. Most of the gear listed in the various categories below requires licensing and/or is illegal for your average Lancer or Edger, but then when has that ever stopped them?

Whether you're caught in the mainstream of corporate existence, busily fighting your way up the Corpse ladder or just trying to keep food on the table and yourself from being fragged by so-called friends; it's always wise to keep a few hidden stock-piles of cred and the tools to get your ass out of a tight spot for future rainy days. Those who don't, more often than not find themselves cornered and out of options when just a tad of foresight might have seen them victorious over whatever adversity is visiting them this week. While contacts, data and wares are intrinsic necessities to keep abreast of the local biz buzz, having the right gear never hurts...