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Name   Rowan Hawthorne
Class   Edger
CIN   >>Varies<<
Occupation   Freelance Hacker
Position   Data-Pirate
Street Name   Loki
Race   Caucasian
Nationality   UNAFS Citizen
Birthplace   San Luis Obispo, California Free State
Age   19
Height   6'
Weight   78.22 Kilos
Eyes   Blue - Mirrored - Variable
Hair   Brown - Variable
Sexual Orientation   Heterosexual








Next of Kin  



At his core Rowan is an optimist who despite a brutal childhood, the norm these days, has been sheltered by the rarest type of Corpse, an altruistic idealist.

Well acquainted with loss, keenly observant and in many ways hopelessly na´ve to the world's realities, he is outwardly flippant and irreverent towards danger and most specifically authority figures. This often poses a problem as the majority of his 'street experience' comes from experia-sims and holos, which he is quickly learning are anything but true to life.

In reality he keenly observant and uses his off the cuff nonchalant interaction to test the waters when meeting and getting to know others. Generally, he takes people at face value. His trust is easily gained, but once lost it is unlikely it can ever be recovered.


Possessed of an uncanny osmotic talent and intuitive knack for various technologies and puzzles, he is more than adept at hacking, developing ciphers and algorithms, problem solving and coding.

He speaks several languages fluently and holds PhD degrees in a plethora of Void related fields and several more that are unrelated, outdistancing his courses and outshining his professors by the age of 9.

His skill-set in other arenas is extremely limited and he has had his nose rubbed in this fact very recently.

Distinguishing Features or Characteristics  

Leanly muscled, his features and form are highly variable. He can almost completely alter his appearance and body type within a couple of minutes, which is something he does quite often when out and about on his own. Unsure if his one-time corporate benefactors are out to scoop him up or remove him entirely to prevent the competition from doing so.

A nanite based holo-tattoo suite has been incorporated into his body that allows him to create and alter tattoos on his person at will. Usually he creates his own from various image sources and uses them to further alter his appearance in ways that seem like they would be more permanent to the casual onlooker.

He dresses comfortably more often than not, generally making use of black denim or leather jeans, multi-pocketed cargo shorts, t-shirts, flannels, tennis shoes or ankle-high Docs or combat boots.

Most often he tends to have vibrantly colorful mismatched eyes, tending towards gold and purple or similarly impossible hues, which in today's world are fairly common place, though usually sans the mismatching.


While the specifics of what bio and other wares he might possess have yet to come to light, it seems obvious that he has been equipped with at least the following wares:

cyberjack (x2) * sleep regulator * micro memory * neu hair * color me* cyber optics * SiS-tech link * cranial cyberdeck * nanite-based holo tattoo array *


Walther FAST (x2) * Micro-Tech DX Cyber-Tool Kit *


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