Character Creation

For those of you who are here to check into whether or not you think you'd like to play the PBeM here are a few guidelines for character creation.

(This is NOT Shadowrun or Cyberpunk, the genre is similar but that's it.)

The first thing you should do, if you haven't done so already, is come up with a character concept and email me a sample post including your character as the focal point. Characters are introduced individually in most cases and will or won't join up with one another based on the characters in question and the present progress of the storyline. There's no sense in fully developing a background, gear, appearance and so forth of a character if the concept is unsound. As I usually state in most things I write or emails I send, if you have questions or the like please feel free to email me and ask and I'll do my best to help. Once you've completed this portion of the joining/character creation process...

You are encouraged to peruse those links that are currently working and outfit your character for initial creation. Keep in mind the more buff and cybered out you make him/her the more in-depth and important the history and background you append to your character should be, with regard to explaining just how Joe the Razor got all of that black-ops gear and how he's just a puppet now because of it. The more unique and imaginative your character is, the better. Your focus should be on creating a character that you will enjoy evolving and exploring without writing yourself into a corner.

The statistics and such found in the various bioware, cyberware and blackops areas aren't important insofar as game play goes. They're general stats to help distinguish the benefits of spending more for the better wares only. The same is true of skills from the skill page, which are primarily listed to offer would-be players ideas/options for potential archetypes they can choose from.

PBeM Rules

These have been posted for an idea of what to expect, should your character be accepted for the PBeM StoryBoards

1 - If you're going to apply to the game, you're telling me that you are an adult; at least 18 or older. I've used some graphic language even on the site but Edgeworld is not a Mary Poppins sing along, so you should expect to run into it. If it bothers you tell me and we'll figure out a way around it. (This is just in case, I don't think we'll have a problem here.)

2 - Try to instill depth and personality into both your character's actions, thoughts, and environment. It makes for better reading and gives the storylines and the world itself a much richer and provoking reality. Don't worry if you don't feel you're up to it, we're all our own worst critics... just work on it. Players joining the PBeM should know before entering that one liners, even one paragraph posts aren't going to cut it. If it's a dialogue situation between you and another player then I'd recommend emailing each other directly until you've either reached a conclusion with such or come to a stopping point that fulfills this minimum requirement.

3 - Unless I specify otherwise, do as you please with NPC's. Keep the circumstances and possible consequences of your actions in mind. If you do foolish things you'll be lucky if you somehow manage to avoid the consequences.

4 - Players are not to be controlled, killed or bothered. Wounding, kicking, punching, slapping, those are ok, but no maiming and expect repercussions. This includes both within the Storyline and OOC. This one's a given.

5 - You have the option of playing your contacts, or giving me what information might be important or useful for them and I have a small group of interested individuals who will follow my guidelines and play as the contacts. They'll submit what they have to me and I'll go over it and correct it or alter it as I see fit. (There are only two of them at present so...)

6 - Have Fun! Remember this is a dark and dreary world that offers a host of experiences both mundane, heartbreaking, sordid, fantastic, horrible, etc, etc... Like life how fun, involving and so forth the world and game is depends largely on what you choose to pursue and put into it.

Posting Rules

1 - When writing posts, please use a spellchecker and 'try' to proofread it at least once. I realize mistakes will invariably creep in, whether it's simply because you know what you were intending to say so your mind filled in the blanks or it's just an oversight. We're all human and it happens, but by at least taking the time to try you might limit the mistakes.

2 - Email signatures and the like, along with including previous posts that you're responding to aren't necessary so please don't use them on the forums.

3 - No OOC stuff on the story board, it just detracts from things and that's what the other forum boards are for.

4 - Unlike fashion or what have you, less is not more when it comes to posts. A couple of paragraphs composed of three sentences each, isn't really worth posting. If you're doing a dialogue with someone then email them directly, complete the dialogue and then post the whole thing. A character that says I do this and I look good doing it, in essence isn't very interesting. What he or she is thinking, how they look, why they do the things they do, what their environment is like etc. are all things that are both interesting and can help the other game players/writers enjoy the game more and make your character more real, in comparison to a simple rundown on the facts without anything else going on. Try to do yourself credit, even though one liners might be cool or appropriate they don't make for fun reading. If you don't think you can manage this, then this isn't the game for you. Likewise, this doesn't mean every post should be a book or long-winded, just take a little pride in your writing and the character you're writing for. This also makes it a lot easier for myself and other players to respond when necessary. Also this raises the bar for your fellow players and generally makes everyone try harder and understandably enjoy their creativity and the game itself more than they would otherwise.


Important Note: I can't stress this part enough. A brief character description is required before you can join the forum boards. This can be combined with your character concept/introductory sample and sent along to

Description requirements are as follows.

Name characters name
Class edger/lancer/corpse
CIN citizen identification number
Employer variable/corp etc
Position hacker/rigger/bodyguard etc
Occupation data pirate/wetworks etc
Street name street reference/handle
Race caucasian etc
Nationality american/german etc
Birthplace self explanatory
Age characters age
Sex male/female etc
Sexual Orientation hetero/bisexual etc
Height characters height
Weight characters weight
Eyes eye color
Hair hair color/length etc
Father if any or deceased
Mother if any or deceased
Next of kin if any or deceased
Background Your character's background, who he/she is and how they came to be where they are and what influences helped guide their path and so forth. This is likewise where the origins of most gear, bio/cyberware is accounted for etc. It doesn't have to be overly exhaustive, but should give a good feel for your character.
Attitude A brief outline of your characters attitude towards things in general.
Skills A brief outline of skills both learned and that your character might have a natural propensity for.
Distinguishing Features/Traits Marks/Character Flaws/mode of dress etc.
Bio/Cyberware Augmentations you want other characters/players to know about (otherwise leave as >>classified<< ). (Though you should still include them so that they can be accepted or not.)
Gear the weapons etc your character carries (again, only what you want other characters to view, otherwise leave as >>classified<< ). (Though you should still include them so that they can be accepted or not.)

(Note: There are no stats, presently as such. There is no essence and I'm not overly stringent on wares. You can't go full cybernetic decked to the nth degree on basic grade ware so keep that in mind. There is still a great deal to be added to the site so... just be as patient as you can I'm working on it.)

Thanks and G'luck,


An excerpt post from the game board...

           The Purple Lotus was part specialized meat puppet parlor, part dingy bar, part strobe-filled dance club and part high profile wheeling and dealing locale for criminals, Yakuza, Triad, Tong, Lancer, Edger and Corpse slummer alike. Tonight, the joint was as raucous and chaotic as any other cacophonic dance din in any other Plex, stuffed to the gills with boys and girls and andros longing to be seen, heard and felt, though not necessarily in that order. Ignoring the blitzkrieg of pulsing holo-plume ceiling lights amid the throaty bass driven tempo Rowan watched the women on the dance floor, letting himself be hypnotized by the rhythmic sway of eclectic self-expression and nubile young flesh. His memory tortured him as an especially attractive exposed mid-rift turned his thoughts from the here and now to the recent past. Grimacing, he averted his gaze. Taking a sip from his drink, he savored the distraction from his memories when a scantily clad young dancer covered in a thin sheen of glossy sweat chose to venture clear of the heated press of bodies.

            With Mediterranean dark skin, short cropped florescent blond hair, delicate yet pronounced facial features that lent themselves to Eastern European or Czechoslovakian origins, and eyes a pale green-blue like the pristine waters off of some white sandy beach you only saw in pictures of places you wish you could visit; she had his attention without saying a word. Striding purposefully towards his table she seated herself across from him without a word. He found himself wondering if she was some chopshop's idea of the ultimate wet dream or a fluke of nature, tailor-made by evolutionary forces to insure that her genetics moved forward into the future. Wondering distractedly if his mouth was hanging open, he nodded at her and set his drink back down.

            Instead of saying anything, she reached across the scratched lacquer of the tiny table and picked it up. Perspiration and neon-bright body paint glinting on the back of her right hand as she pushed her bangs away from her forehead and pressed the chilled, wet surface of the glass to her sweaty brow. Even as he enjoyed the show his tac-systems assessed risks and warned of potential threats. Three dimensional overlays burst into life upon the interior of his mismatched deep gold and bright purple optics instructing him in the most expedient angles of potential attack to render her a non-threat in the most unobtrusive and efficient manner. There are some dangers that personal threat and tactical wetware just aren’t up to managing he chided.

             “Help yourself...” he teased as the bass-filled vibrations in the air slipped into the torpid quiescence of hundreds of voices growing suddenly muted, audible as nothing more than a dull background buzz of communication between music tracks.

            As if she’d been unaware of his presence, something that warned him to be wary of her; she started slightly, eyes widening in feigned surprise, even managing a blush as she set his glass back down. The body paint was a mixture of bright oranges and garish neon lemon yellows that appeared to have been trailed over her smooth coppery skin without seeming rhyme nor reason.

            “Sorry, I just needed a break and something to...” she answered in accented English.

            “ you off, I noticed that.” He finished, trying to identify her accent. A firm believer in the adage that fate favors the bold he propositioned her. “If you wanted my attention you have it, or was my table just the closest?”

            Those languid pools of green-blue heaven focused on his mismatched eyes as if really registering him for the first time. She didn’t seem content with whatever it was she saw in them or in his facial expression, or maybe it was just the second stage in her game as she began to rise with an apology.


            He cut her off, feinting as she sought to withdraw. His tone mocking. “...that you didn’t find what you were looking for or that you have to leave so soon?”

            She paused as dazzling illumination burst in fractal patterns behind her, shadowing her features and dancing in his eyes. He scrutinized every detail as a slight smirk played first at the left corner then; gradually traveled all the way across her full lips. A new rhythm erupted from the club’s over-amped sound system. The world slowed around him as his reflexes engaged, each flash of incandescence frozen for a short eternity to his augmented senses, dancers and passerby alike; seemingly locked in strobe-like suspension. Her blond hair fell into her face as she leaned over the table in glacier-like slow-motion and shouted to be heard.

            “How do you know I’m looking for anything?!”

            “You came over here for something other than that.” He yelled back, nodding at the half-empty drink on the table.

            The knife was a blur of motion and her movements were hyped up enough that he had trouble gripping her wrist before the monomolecular blade could puncture his throat. She moved like nitro laden lightning. Her left knee jamming into his sternum as her right hand gripped a handful of his hair to cover her use of the weapon and disguise the attack as an impromptu sexual assault that anyone in their right mind would welcome. Momentarily frustrated by his reflexes, she hissed soundlessly and torqued her lissome body, muscles taut and straining as she tried to drive the blade home.

            He tensed, calling upon the full range of his augmented strength and speed, snapping the bones of her wrist. She screamed. Her painful wail lost in the blistering basso beat. Lights scintillated off of the deadly blade as it arced briefly over her shoulder, flying end over end; before impaling itself through her empty seat. Snarling through perfect, gritted teeth, she voiced an unintelligible curse and reared back, head butting him. The impact was mild on his end, jarring him for a moment, the thin veneer of skin and tissue over his skull splitting. Blood had already begun to flow freely. She was left with a sizeable gash in turn, that seeped streamers of crimson as her body went limp, eyes glazed, teetering on the edge of unconsciousness.

            Faster than normal senses could follow he moved from the chair and seated her in his place before plucking the knife from its impromptu sheathe. Seating himself across from her he rested the blade on the table, shoving the sole of his left boot into her crotch and stomach to hold her upright before leveling the business end of a Glock MP-200 at her face.

            “Who do you work for?!” he growled.

            Dazed, her left hand moved precariously, slowly to her gashed brow and smeared the steady flow of blood across sweaty skin before coming back down so she could inspect it. Green-blue eyes regarded her hand briefly in stunned detachment and then rose to meet his eyes again. Where there had been predatory self-assurance, then confusion, there was now a mixture of deep thought and trepidation glimmering in the depths of her eyes. Gradually the spark of fear guttered and died giving way to righteous indignation and seething anger. Despite her rage, her vaguely familiar scent reeked of resigned acceptance.

            “Fuck you sellout! Cut the shit Loki! If you’re here to zero me then do it but don’t act like you don’t know me.”

            Neurons fired, chemicals altered as electrical currents passed through them and he focused on the bloodied young woman before him, scouring his memory for any correlation. Gradually, his understanding must have shown on his face because her resigned defiance turned into an expression of unguarded shock.

            “You weren’t here for me were you?” she asked rhetorically.

            “No you stupid bitch I didn’t even know it was you.” He spit back, regarding her coldly as he smeared his own blood across the dragon tattoos on his arms.

  ”Well you’re fast or lucky,” she offered by way of weak apology. “And a hard headed son-of-a-bitch...”

Eyeing her from across the table as flashes of incandescent light pulsed behind him in an endless barrage his only answer was the stark silhouette of a raised middle finger...