Various Cyborgs


Avarice An entertainment starlet, who is as private as she is popular, Avarice's public appearances have been a rarity in recent times, though she has been around for at least 60 years according to known data. Her cyborg form is a specialized variation, augmented by delicate looking wings that are fully functional and even simulate such mundane things as molting, automatic reaction to tactile touch and wind as well as incorporate Z-grav discs which allow her to fully utilize them to fly. Like many borgs whether she is truly a borg or just another star in an ultra-tailored sheathe are subjects of constant debate, that her reclusive nature only seems to fuel. Having starred in over forty award winning sim epics, she is adored by her fans on multiple worlds who have shared her full-sensory experience of what it is like to fly, as well as other more predictable activities from sensual encounters, saving villages from dragons and similarly scripted plot-lines. Though she is rarely seen in the public, she has occasionally been known to show up at Dante's Inferno, as a digi-perfect variation of her real self and likewise is known to keep both Mariko Kobayashi and the Mistress as occasional confidantes.


Jezebel A recording and performance artist, Jezebel's true nature is, like that of others reputed to be wholly cybernetic; a source of heated debate among the general populace and critics at large. Regardless of which side one takes in the argument, her love of bizarre and flamboyant activities, liaisons and fashions are both well-known and well-publicized facts of starlet lore. Earning an annual salary easily on par with most corporate CEO's, she has starred in dozens of enormously successful sim hits and has toured the world in promotion of her recently realized singing career. It is rumored that as a show of pomp and circumstance, she has had more than one invitation to perform for private audiences composed of the worlds most powerful and influential people. In truth, Jezebel is every bit as flamboyant and unpredictable as the screamfeeds indicate and is known in select circles to be an Edger who works from within the heart of the beast, utilizing her celebrity status to effect changes and support vital missions that are focused on lifting the pitiful state of the public at large, whom she identifies with despite her globally admired and near deified status. 


The Kessler Sisters Darlings of both sim and classical theatre, Johann and Dana Kessler's respective histories become sketchy only five years past, when rumors of a horrific aerocar accident sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry not to mention their millions of fans. Kept in seclusion for well over a year, the sisters reemerged suddenly, eschewing tales of their rumored deaths and have regained their standing as media draws once again. In truth both were grievously injured in the crash and were sponsored for splintering and implantation and are now effectively owned by Photon Entertainment Industries. Since their accident, both sisters have begun; much to the chagrin of Photon Entertainment; to dabble in the illicit business of the streets, and rumors have been circulating amid Edger communities that the girls have become addicted to bliss chips and have, on more than one occasion been seen accompanying various criminal figures in the New York Underworld scene.


Mariko Kobayashi Grand daughter of the present CEO of Hatsiko Heavy Manufacturing, Mariko Kobayashi is the stereotypical essence of the attention-seeking, rebellious, outspoken youth born amidst prestige and pomp that most sim writers try to capture in today's big box office draws. She has also recently begun a singing career that threatens to be as successful as most other endeavors the media hungry young cyborg has set her sights on. In a family as reclusive and reputedly eccentric as hers, she's viewed as relatively normal, if you can discount the fact that at the age of 14 she arranged to have her splintered sentience interred within a full-borg shell. Reputed to have been lovers with a veritable slough of different personages in her tender 22 years, she is known to have a relationship with the notoriously jealous and deadly hacker Ice Queen, and likewise is believed to have had dalliances with the Lancer known as Thunderbird, Dante himself, a brief fling with Avarice and Jezebel both, the Mistress and presently has her eyes set on Sur-Li, who has rebuffed all her attempts thus far, though the two have yet to actually meet. All of this angers and troubles the Ice Queen, her usual lover; who jealously hordes her affections, doing her best to discredit and in some cases even flat-line those who would usurp Mariko's attention from her. Mariko of course views it all as an entertaining game.


Psyche The woman known as Psyche has a past so carefully shrouded in illusion and subterfuge that any hope of discerning the actual facts has long since evaporated. One of the favorite rumors is that she was born a paraplegic but was possessed of such drive and talent within the Void that she quickly came to the notice of Aztechtronics and was taken on due to her intuitive expertise and uncanny ability to write programs. At some point it's speculated that she opted to begin life as a cyborg rather than remain confined to a bed. Unlike most cyborgs, she has chosen a design that is both bat winged and lacks a true face, instead being capable of generating fully tactile 3-dimensional holo versions based on her whims. Like Avarice, her wings are more than just decorative. Within the Void, the more notable Edgers such as Zero, Tease and Outcast; have learned that she is more than sympathetic with the Edger cause and often provides them with both customized programs and whatever other aid she's capable of rendering. In reality, this is due to the fact that her disability was caused by a corporate mech that destroyed her home as a child, killing her parents and unwittingly birthing the amazing drive and desire that later saw Psyche rise to the attention of the megacorps. With respect to her talent within the Void, she's largely the reason that both Outcast and Tease saw a quick rise to notoriety and is presently engaged in advanced A.I. research at Aztechtronics Brazilian facilities.


Ragnorok The man known as Ragnorok has lived a long and violent life for the most part. Sporting a massively muscled and grossly obvious augmented cyborg form and metamorphic tailored appendages, with a wide range of weaponry. Formerly a soldier in an undisclosed corporate army, he has since found a place amidst the entertainment business; most often playing the unstoppable corporate juggernaut, with a penchant for blood spilling and gratuitous violence. If box office records are to be believed his cyborg nature only appears to add to his allure. Ragnorok is likewise rumored to occasionally undertake corporate and criminal BlackOps that require both finesse and surety, a rumor that is supported by his appearance among certain criminal circles and apparent acceptance among them. On more than one occasion he has tangled with the cyborg known as Riproar and in both instances was left with brutal scarring that forced a brief hiatus from both his day and clandestine night jobs and though he respects the BlackOps cyborg he nurses a healthy grudge for the man-machine who has proven to be a worthy adversary.


Riproar The cyborg codenamed Riproar is as mysterious as he is elusive. Rumored to serve Babel, ironically rumors also run rife among Edgers that Riproar has been seen helping Lancers and even Edgers at times, though to what end or purpose remains a mystery. Regardless, a KOS warrant has yet to be issued by Babel if indeed his actions fall outside the scope of the penultimate megacorp. His past is largely unknown, what is known is that he was until recently primarily worked with Raven, Mercurial and Zero until Belladonna framed their team and killed the Void specialist. Formally the second in command of the Elite BlackOps Team they had an impeccable record which was necessary since within the ranks of Babel, failure is not an option. Riproar is rumored to have had a brief dalliance with the woman who serves Babel as a BlackOps hacker named Bliss, which ended when Belladonna discovered it. Like so many who serve and have served Babel in similar functions, there's no love lost between the cyborg and the BlackOps Team Leader, who has assigned suicide missions to him more than once in attempts to remove him as a potential rival. Of all the original members of Raven's BlackOps Team, Riproar is the only one who chose to remain with the megacorp rather than cast his lot in with the Edgers or Lancers as the remaining members of his one-time team did. Only his former teammates know his real allegiances if any.