Various Edgers


Edgers are as defamed and reviled by those who aren't denizens of the streets as most Corpse would be if they decided to 'slum it' by mingling and rubbing elbows with the bloodthirsty gangers who call the streets their home. Still, a more close-knit, dependable cadre of souls you'd be hard-pressed to find. Like soldiers in a squad that have seen each other through some of the worst firefights and kill-zones imaginable, Edgers protect and police their own. True, in some places the fevered pitch of life in the shadows has caused even the Edger fringe to be leery about trusting one another, that's usually only the case where these intrepid souls live beneath the unblinking eye of constant corporate scrutiny and vicious sorties that tear through their ranks on a regular basis as the soulless bastions of supposedly cultured society and progress are exceedingly intent upon crushing the blossom of free-will beneath their boot heel.


Catalyst The woman known among Edger circles as Catalyst has a dark and shadowy past, leading, those who bother to speculate to believe that she might once have been a Corpse who ran afoul of someone higher on the food-chain. In truth she is a former Lancer who briefly caught the eye of one of Nippon Worldwide's up and coming Corpse; who kept her as little more than a pampered concubine for several years before she made the mistake of giving him an ultimatum. Threatening to tell the man's wife of their affair if he didn't fully commit to either her or his wife, he arranged for a contract of hers to go bad; the result of which saw her two teammates flat-lined and she herself gravely wounded. Unlike the vast majority, Catalyst had never been interested in augmenting her own flesh and body with the various wares and such that most appear to view as status symbols of sorts, instead preferring to keep herself intact and rely upon specialized gear that could easily manage most things that the parts vendor's could at a fraction of the cost, both in terms of credit and humanity. Grievously wounded as a result of her lover's betrayal however she was forced to incorporate a fully cybernetic left arm, from mid-bicep down; to make herself whole once more. Nursing a bitter hatred for her one time lover and earning the reputation as a pariah among her fellow Lancers whom she once had considered friends and almost family, the only place she found that she was readily accepted was among the Edgers of Brazil. Since that time she has cast her lot in with those self-same societal dissidents, spearheading more than a score of various sorties against Brazil's indigenous megacorps and corrupt governmental agencies who treat the mass public as little more than disposable commodities. She and her cadre of companions proved instrumental to the efforts in avoiding an order of outright genocide by the various megacorps in the wake of the Plume-Virus debacle that plagued the rank and file citizenry of her home country. Her passion, heart and professionalism have since earned her a place of high-esteem within the eyes of the Fixer known as Razor; and the two women have gradually grown to become fast friends. Presently still based in Brazil, Catalyst leads one of the most outspoken and active Edger cells around the globe, though she has yet to settle accounts with her former lover for his betrayal.


Debutante Like most Edgers, the woman known as Debutante is usually found or seen only when she wants to be. Her particular talent lies in the realm of physical theft and complex scams that have left more than one corporation wondering just who it was that bent them over and made away with their latest prototype. Based in New York City, Debutante is just one of that Free-States talented Edgers who takes a great deal of pride in her chosen profession and the company she keeps. Moonlighting occasionally as a hands-off stripper in the seediest section of Bowery Row; she has an impressive array of contacts ranging from upper-echelon Corpse to more than a handful of highly placed government officials; though none of them know about her connection to the illicit members of the world's outcasts and troublemakers. Originally from a middling level Corpse family, Debutante dropped out of the Corporate University of New York State and disappeared into the hidden underground scene of raunchy clubs and sordid back alley dealers. Her family believes her to be dead and that's how she prefers it, though anyone who's seen the dancer named Tatiana at Cherri Bombs can readily attest to the fact that she's more than just a little alive. More recently Debutante had put together a small Edger cell that traveled around the lower UNAFS and pulled high-end thefts. Unfortunately, her past came back to haunt her when she was set up by a former mark and in the ensuing chaos, saw two of her team mates brutally gunned down. Narrowly escaping, with most of the team either dead or extremely wounded, she lost some of her zest for life and began questioning her ability to lead the team. One by one as she stewed in her guilt and self-doubt, her teammates slipped away to busy themselves with other biz that might give them a chance to get on with their lives. At present Debutante is flying solo in parts unknown.


Hardknocks Vanessa Kidding was the result of a brief fling between her joy-girl mother and a low-ranking Corpse, who later became a personage of some power and influence within one of the megacorps. His identify remains as much a mystery to the young woman as it has been since she was a child. Raised amid the rough and tumble streets of Hong Kong, her mother died at the hands of her overzealous pimp, an abject lesson to the other girls in his stable. Little more than a child, at the tender age of 13 Vanessa was forced to take her mother's place as just another meat puppet in service to the man who had beaten her mother to death. By the time she was 16 Vanessa had become a staple face among the seedier Triad and Yakuza gangs; milling to and fro without either suspecting her of being more than a hopeless, joy-girl living a life of raunchy sex and occasional drug addiction. Two years later her life would take a drastically different turn when she was forced to go to ground after killing Bruno, her mother's and later her own pimp, in revenge for all that the man had inflicted upon her. Wanted by the authorities, those Secpol operatives who'd been receiving freebies and weekly kickbacks from Bruno, and left with little if any hope of ever being more than a fugitive, she took up with a reputed Yakuza street-razor named Stiletto. Contrary to word on the streets, Stiletto turned out to be an important Edger. Three years have passed since she first met the man, and though they're no longer lovers; Vanessa has proven her dedication and value time and again to her new adopted family. Taking the street name of Hardknocks, due in large part to the tribulations and trials she endured in her youth; she runs the shadows of Hong Kong like a seasoned pro, and while she still seeks out some clue as to just who her father is; the majority of her time is spent aiding the plight of Hong Kong's Edger community who base themselves somewhere deep within the labyrinthine sewers below.


Lawless & Cranky Ask any Edger or knowledgeable streeter in Seattle who can help you when things are looking grim and you're down and out and almost to a one they'll grin and tell you Lawless and Cranky. Though little is known regarding the two women and their history, they are both well-known street-razors with a penchant for dirty humor and drinking would-be challengers under the table. Ironically, it is Cranky who is the more fun-loving and easy-going of the two and those in the know have hinted that it's one of Lawless's favorite jokes to remark about what a bitch her erstwhile companion is. Despite their shadowy pasts and penchant for fading in and out of the public eye, those in Seattle, whether Corpse or Lancer and especially their peers; will readily vouch for their professionalism and no-nonsense attitude when they're on an Op. Dubious though it may be, the two women seem to enjoy a reputation much like the fastest gun enjoyed back in the forgotten annals of the historical West, with would-be challengers stepping up now and again; hoping to make a quick name for themselves by dethroning the women. To date, they've proven that they're deserving of their kudos; though neither is the type to flaunt that reputation themselves. More than a couple of the seemingly omnipotent megacorps have tried unsuccessfully to round these two women into their stables of Covert Ops talent, whether through threat, blackmail, vast sums of cred or persuasion. Often remarked upon as being Edgers to the bone, Lawless and Cranky continue their lucrative partnership in the seedier sections of the Seattle Plex to this day.


Mercurial Few have gotten close enough to this Edger to truly learn what makes her tick or why she's cast her lot in with those whose lives have been the paradigms of thankless abuse. Those who've had at least peripheral dealings with this lithesome woman are quick to offer their supposition that she was previously either a soldier or straight-edged Lancer. Unlike the vast majority of Edger-types, Mercurial doesn't often involve whole Edger cells in her stabs at the juggernaut of corporate dominion; instead pursuing shadowy Ops that leave even most of her peers wondering who it was that managed to get the goods on the former CEO of whatever corporation and leak it to the scandal loving screamfeeds. The reality is that Mercurial was at one time a Special Ops asset for Babel, who had worked under Raven and chose to cut her ties with the overlord of megacorps when Belladonna discredited her leader and mentor. Unlike Raven who chose the highly lucrative, mercenary life of a Lancer, Mercurial had always felt more at home among the grittier elements of the streets. Bartering her experience and abilities to whatever special-interest group was willing to pay the cred her skills deserved wasn't the type of no-attachment life she was interested in. Based in Techno or Old Chiba as it's called, Mercurial runs a small Edger cell in the city of perpetual darkness; always on the move and constantly re-inventing and following up on new ways in which she can strike at the heart of the megacorps and their minions who reside in Chiba Proper. She enjoys the blatant symbolism intrinsic in the monstrous domed city with its holier than thou citizens perpetually perched above what most of its occupants view as little more than a cesspool of merchantile humanity ideally suited as a place in which they can satiate their most base appetites and perversely sordid tastes.


Plague The woman known as Plague makes her home in Tokyo and would define herself as an Edger-Terrorist of the mind when it comes to her chosen tactics. Having barely seen eighteen years, this young woman is as brutal as the world she somehow managed to survive, in terms of her unflinching tactics and feverish assault upon the corporate tiers of society. The irony is that she herself is the daughter of a pair of highly ranked Corpse, though she is loathe to acknowledge any connection to the objects of her vitriolic vengeance. Arriving on the scene only a mere three years ago, she and her younger brother had been kidnapped as part of an attempt by a rival corporation to drag her father from his present corporate liege-lords. Both she and her brother were abused both physically and sexually when her father and mother dug their heels in, refusing to concede to the other megacorps unwelcome overtures; despite the implication that their children would both be killed and worse if they refused. Privy to all of these interactions with their parents, Plague and her brother escaped after several months of captivity; while their kidnappers were busied with going after their mother in turn and found themselves alone on the streets. That first day away from their jailors saw her brother slain by a ravenous horde of devil rats in the sewers, while Plague herself only just escaped; letting go of her brother's hand when it was clear that he'd already released his hold on life. Falling in with a group of Edgers who picked up on her plight at a glance, Plague has since fronted several eco and psi-terrorist attacks on various corporations and because of her traumatic time with those who had kidnapped her, has a vicious streak when it comes to psychological warfare. Most often utilizing pirated disease or experimental treatment footage of men and women meeting horribly unnatural ends and broadcasting the feeds into the facility they're in the process of attacking, while using subliminal elements to give those within every reason to believe that they've likewise been dosed with whatever it is they're seeing on their terms or holos. Although beautiful she enjoys utilizing various methods of making herself appear as one of the most vile and loathsome streeters one might imagine. Because of these methods, her involvement in corporate strikes usually sees an inordinately high body count among the Corpse.


Piston Piston started out as a streetwise kid making a life for herself in the slums of New York before earning the attention of a well-reputed Lancer on the verge of retiring. Lacking any children of his own and noting her raw talent and fiery spirit, the two of them developed a rapport and he ended up passing along the secrets of the trade to her. As his protégé she quickly proved his instincts right and was on the verge of earning her own place among the hallowed ranks of New York's finest, when she ran afoul of a car bomb meant to kill the Corpse she was guarding at the time. Losing almost all of her limbs in the line of duty, her employers failed to hold to their contract with her and left her a multi-limb amputee. The man she'd come to regard as her adopted father pressed the point with the corporation after its failure to live up to the terms of their deal with his daughter, and died three days later a victim of an apparent accident. He fell from a forty story building. In the wake of her father's murder, his friends swooped in and arranged for her to be augmented with a replacement arm and legs, all of which were cybered carbon steel. When she regained her mobility, she sold everything her adopted father had left her, and arranged to farm out a contract to one of the corporation's competitors for their most talented R&D asset. Using what she knew of the Corpse whom she had once guarded, she undertook the exfiltration and in short order, successfully transferred the talent, killed her former charge, and pulled a quick fade. She spent the next three years doing Military Ops for various corporations in the Southern Free-States, and finally became a full-fledged Edger when she met and teamed up with Debutante. More recently, their team suffered another betrayal by a client, only this time it was a setup from the beginning and the enemy was a combination of the megacorp Nippon Worldwide Industries and the Yakuza. With two of their team dead, and briefly rendered an amputee again, when she regained replacement limbs and owing to Debutante's slow recovery; she set out on her own to reflect and get away from any further blowback. Presently she resides in the New York Free-State.



SUR-Li One of the few personalities who has achieved stardom on multiple worlds, Sur-Li is likewise a self-avowed Edger at heart; something which has earned her the appreciation from billions and the wary attention of the corporations. At 23 she is one of the most recognizable stars in holo-media. Gathering together a tight-knit band she ceremoniously dubbed Gomi; she often claims to be the same Shirley Manson that lived several hundred years ago, though most believe her simply to possess a wonderful voice and first-rate biosculpt job. Her true origins begin with something relatively simple, involving an old-time CD being marketed as having belonged to Shirley Manson, complete with a lipstick pressed blotter; reportedly made by that self-same singer. Understandably dubious about its validity Redrum purchased the disc at an auction and discovered trace amounts of DNA. On a lark she had a clone produced. Much to her surprise and thrill, the disc and DNA were indeed legitimate and Shirley was born anew. Needless to say, Sur-LI has strong ties to Redrum and vice versa. Those interests who have tried to quash the celebrity represented by Sur-Li have found themselves suffering a rash of sudden espionage attacks and the like, though Sur-Li herself had and has nothing to do with such things. The initial 20 years of Sur-Li's life were spent acclimating to her new existence, who she is descended from and how she might fit into the world of today. She identified almost immediately with the most downtrodden fringe group and has since used her music and talents to strike out at the Corporate machine in her own way. While she churns out hit after hit and tweaks the noses and pride of those Corporations who vie for control of multiple worlds, she has achieved cult-like celebrity status even among the youths of Corporate society for her unflinching, brutally poignant lyrics and catchy musical rhythms, much to the chagrin of the Corporate Machine. Unlike most media darlings, Sur-Li represents herself rather than having sold out to any label in her attempts to effect change on a grander scale. Constantly on the road, so to speak; she most often plays small club venues despite the clamor and repeated invitations by larger venues for her to play the massive concert halls of this day. She likewise chooses to live in her distant descendent and current best friend's native stomping grounds of Edinburgh, Scotland; where its citizens take great pride in her accomplishments and even emulate her views to a large degree; helping to make Scotland one of the most progressive societies to date, in terms of abolishing archaic notions of class. 


Slasher The woman known as Slasher has always possessed a natural agility and easy grace, qualities that earned her food and water as a child trying to survive on the streets. A pit-fighter in the back alleys of Techno Chiba, she began at the age of five; when she was found in an alley and given a butter knife before being thrown into a pit with six mastiff-sized devil rats and told to sink or swim. With Corpse slummers cheering both her and the rats on, she managed to kill all of the monstrous vermin before finally passing out from hunger and blood loss. Now 19, she still frequents the pit-fighting circuit, though these days she is usually pitted against street-razors who have likewise signed up for the dubious amount of glory and credit that can be earned by a successful fighter. Utilizing the credit she'd earned from her legion of victories, in her mid-teens, Slasher went under the knife of her then time lover, a street doc named Ripper. Since then, she and Ripper have drifted apart but she is still touted as the Champion of the Pit-Fights, though she only engages in the circuit when she's exceedingly low on funds. Most of her time is spent working the streets as an Edger, like any recognized top-gun however she still fields an occasional impromptu challenge by wannabes looking to make a name for themselves by taking her down. Thus far she's culled almost a hundred would-be razors from the streets of Lower Chiba as a result.


Tandy An elite hacker by trade, Tandy is the daughter of a low ranking Corpse in Nippon's Seattle branch. Sexually abused by her father for years she found her opportunity for escape shortly after the death of her mother in an exfiltration attempt of her boss, at the age of 14 when she had managed to learn just enough to hack her father's accounts. Since then she has made her home in the wasteland streets of downtown LA, running Void cover for Edger Ops and hiring out as a data-pirate to fixers with an eye for talent. Due to the trauma of her youth, Tandy uses sex and her beauty to manipulate and twist others to her bidding and she has a long string of would-be paramours, both male and female; whom she can call upon if necessary. Easily on par with most of the elite hackers who roam the Void Tandy is a sociopath and has since arranged for her father to meet a horrible fate at the hands of Nippon after it was discovered that he'd been embezzling funds from the Seattle branch for several years.


Widowmaker Not your typical Edger by any means, the woman known as Widowmaker was once a Lancer with as dark a past and record as any Corpse one might imagine. With little in the way of what one might consider scruples or morals she operated with only the bottom line in mind. Who she fulfilled contracts for or on, killed or discredited meant little to nothing to her as she traveled the globe flat-lining those she was paid to and not giving a second thought to the consequences or effects her coldly calculated practices might have on others. That all changed two years ago when her own world was ripped asunder by someone just like her. Having fallen in love with a talented Edger razor named Turmoil, Widowmaker had briefly halted her biz and taken the time to have a daughter, whom they'd affectionately named Hope. As fate would have it however, her history came calling when the Lancer known as Raven took up a contract to expunge her from the scene after one of her old Corporate targets finally managed to ferret out her involvement in a deal that fell through because of her direct intervention. The C-plast detonator turned the car she and her small family were in, into a smoking ruin; killing Turmoil and Hope and putting Widowmaker herself at death's doorway. Scoping the scene of the wreckage to assure herself that her job was complete, Raven was hit with a bout of until then, uncharacterstic empathy when she saw that her smart-drone had done more than simply strike her intended target. Though Widowmaker was unconscious and near death, Raven contacted a local street doc who managed to save her life and before subsequently fading into the shadows, settling the fee she'd agreed upon by performing a hit for the doctor. Widowmaker has since recovered, though she knows next to nothing about why she was targeted and just who it was that killed her lover and daughter. Since her recovery, she has taken up the same ideology as her dead lover and in tribute to her daughter has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for the children.


Xanadu Formerly a street-urchin from the kill or be killed streets of LA, the woman known as Xanadu has since risen to become a star of both sim-sense and modeling venues. Discovered by her one time manager Kyle McDermott, a pedophile who offered to buy her some food and clothes if she would take a ride with him; she became a model at the age of 14 though she was still stuck with McDermott. Well on her way to a burgeoning career that would make Kyle rich and Xanadu an immediately recognizable personality worldwide, her life took a drastic turn when she and Kyle returned home from a socialite party one night. As per usual, Kyle was drunk and also as per usual took a perverse pleasure in raping the object of so much attention at his whim. Unbeknownst to both Xanadu and Kyle an especially hardboiled Edger named Grim had broken into their sprawling condo to grab a shower and whatever else he might find to be of value. Hearing her screams, Grim made his presence known and proceeded to literally beat Kyle to death. Fearing for her life Xanadu promised the gruff man anything he wanted, sex, credit... anything, so long as he didn't kill her. Saddened and disgusted by her words and the fear coming off of her, Grim laid his own sense of values on the table and told her she was free of all of that, pushing her to take her life into her own hands as he disappeared with Kyle's remains. Since then, Xanadu has risen to the pinnacle of stardom, achieving celebrity status on multiple worlds but never forgetting the brutal man who changed her life for the better. Though she still sees a shrink and has since developed an amorous predilection for women as opposed to men, she uses her vast wealth and celebrity status to aid as she can, the plight of the world's downtrodden.




Wingnut A child of French and Japanese parents this rigger spent her youth riding the adrenaline highs of the Japanese Wasteland Racing Circuit, where she cut her teeth by learning how to breakdown and repair various vehicle types, from rusted out derelicts to hot shit on a stick top of the line racing hover, ground-based, and VTOL crafts. Eventually she managed to save enough credit to finally get her own riggerjack cranial black box by the time she turned 19 and had made a name for herself that was bankable enough on the circuit to keep her busied with either rig driving her own racers or running pit crews for some of the biggest names in the biz. She earned the name Wingnut from her own pit crew, because without her around to keep everyone and everything in their place and working order, things tended to fall apart. And it was a name they'd used to tease her as a child. She ended up jumping an impromptu suborbital out of Japan when she failed to give in to local Yakuza pressure to throw a race they had an interest in. Short on alternatives she tackled the Paris racing scene for a time and there, met and began to take on runs in partnership with an Edger named Debutante, a consummate thief who had a penchant for seat of the pants runs that did wonders for Wingnut's love of adrenaline. More recently, the Family Jewels as Debutante and the others of her team had taken to calling themselves suffered a terrible setback wherein two of their members were zeroed and the rest of them scattered to the winds. Presently, Wingnut is running high-speed courier runs for the various Mexican Cartels.



Zero The woman known simply as Zero is largely unknown even among Edger circles. That being said, she has taken on contracts and jobs relating to wetworks, bodyguard assignments, industrial espionage and data-grabs for such notable fixers as Razor, Redrum, Tawny, Tone, and Silver, the latter of whom she often acts as confidante and bodyguard for. Her history and origins are a mystery. Exceptionally skillful rumors flourish that she was once an elite operative of one of the various megacorps or even Babel itself. The truth to these rumors, if any; regarding her origins remains to be seen. She can most often be found moving between the Free-States of New York, Washington and California working as the bodyguard and unwavering confidante of Silver.