Virtual Personalities


The various personalities listed below are those that have made a name for themselves within the precincts of the Void in one way or another. These are the movers and shakers of virtual reality and as such, among those who frequent the Void; their names are the stuff of legend and no little supposition. Though much of what is known of them has been pieced together as guess work, the information listed below is generally believed to be true to one extent or another. Like most people they vary from person to person and moment to moment, each intent upon their own goals and desires and all of them are important in one aspect or another, though in the case of some; just why and to whom is uncertain.

Many data-pirates and hackers have grown or become so successful as to be able to afford the monumentally expensive parallel or molecular based mainframes that account for them existing within amazingly beautiful and life-like sculpted systems that afford them a far greater degree of protection than that enjoyed by any hacker with just a cyberdeck. Sculpted systems generally follow a particular motif, and in most cases hackers who enter must either attempt to blend in or stand out, dependant upon their particular choice of digital persona. These illustrious souls tend to mix it up when it comes to dealing with the various mercenary, corporate and street interests that fill the world. If not for the simple talent attributed to most Edger hackers, they would probably never gain entry or invitation to these sculpted systems, but then they're not known for waiting on an invite in the first place...



Balrog One of the few Corpse hackers who seems to have made a name for himself even among Edger circles, Balrog works for Nippon World Wide and is one of those rare corporate hackers who has a reputation for trying to assault the various Edger black boards that are frequently used by the sub-culture of anti-corporate hackers. More than once he has flat-lined Edger hackers who are both widely known and respected among the console cowboy community. Reviled and feared alike, he is known for his subtlety in infiltrating and destroying Void-born Edger strongholds and ferreting out the hidey holes that would-be illicit hackers choose to hide their meat bodies within while they cast their neurons into the digi-scape of the Void in an attempt to make runs against various corporate facilities. Known among both Lancers and Edgers as a neural assassin, he is; as one might suspect, highly revered within corporate circles and is occasionally hired out by Nippon as a Void security specialist, much to the chagrin of data-pirates throughout the Void who don't look forward to the prospect of running into the elite hacker within a non-Nippon data-store or mainframe system.


BLOOD A well-known confidante, rumored to be more than that on occasion, of the fixer named Alexandria, the hacker known as Blood runs with a small cadre of hackers who work as a digital forensics team. She and her team have made a name for themselves by identifying the culprits in dozens of system penetrations, even embarrassing more than one corporation by exposing fraudulent inside jobs. Though she has met clients before in person, it's believed that she possesses multiple sheaths and at least one of them has been modified in a similar way as that of Alexandria herself. More than likely a gift from the eccentric Fixer. While she isnít known for her dog-fighting ability in terms of warring with other hackers or ICE, itís safe to assume that she can readily hold her own if required to. Add her team into the mix and it would be unwise at best to go looking for Blood.


Cannibal Cannibal is one of those rare Lancers who is equally at home on a physical or Void-based operation. Highly respected in all the various strata of the Void, whether Corpse, Lancer or Edger, like so many of his kind he is a mercenary to the core. Despite his apparent lack of allegiance to anything other than the all-mighty cred, he is known for carrying out his orders to the exact letter and has shown some mercy to would-be foes who his contracts do not specifically call for him to capture or otherwise eliminate, much to the relief of more than a few Edgers and fellow Lancers. Like most Lancers, he is reluctant to fry Corpse hackers who cross his path, primarily due to the potential blow back that can result both in terms of retaliation as well as loss of future contracts.


Carnage What this Edger lacks in subtlety he more than makes up for in simple brute force and tactics. Preferring to leave the stealth and unobtrusive Void assaults to his peers, Carnage most often serves as a diversionary or collateral damage operative who occasionally works for both Corpse and Lancer interests, almost always against other Corporate facilities. Several years ago he was rumored to have been flat-lined by the hacker known as Balrog, but has since reappeared and is said to avoid talking about his encounter with the elite Corpse hacker. Presently he is working for an Edger Eco-Terrorist group based out of Brazil, though these could be just rumors. Many among the illicit (read Edger) hacker community believe that he may have turned into a corporate pawn in light of his apparent escape from Balrog, but thus far these are only rumors.


Chrome This Lancer is believed to be as inhuman in the flesh as his digi-persona appears to be in the Void. Rumors of his inhumanity spring from what should have been a fatal encounter with the Yakuza several years back, in which his meat body was supposedly discovered by the criminal organization after he ran afoul of some particularly virile Black ICE. Despite this, it is the Yakuza hit team that was dispatched to kill him that were later discovered dead, while no sign of Chrome could be found. It's believed that he is a cyborg and his current whereabouts are unknown, most likely a byproduct of the considerable price that the Yakuza have placed on his head. Among hacker circles he is a fair to middling talent when it comes to system penetration and data-theft.


Dante Though his talent is believed to be marginal among the hacker community, it's not Dante's ability within the Void that makes him noteworthy. Exceptionally wealthy, owing to his deceased father's shares in Genomix, the androgynous young man is well-known for rubbing virtual shoulders with both the deadliest and conversely relatively newbish hackers throughout the Void, and holds virtual-raves within a palatial hellishly architectured system called the Inferno. Because of this and the vast fortune at his fingertips he is often called upon by varied tiers of the Void-born sub-culture to provide sanctuary for hackers on the run or to act as a go between for diametrically opposed Corporations or data-pirates. Likewise his picture perfect virtual reality is protected by some of the most potent Black ICE and visiting hackers, within the Void. Recognized as a useful resource by Edgers and Corpse alike, few insult his hospitality or infringe upon his precincts without paying proper respect for fear of the repercussions.


Frigga This Edger works out of Germany and as one might guess has an over developed interest in ancient Norse mythology. An avid collector of pre Black Out books and documents relating to the seemingly mystical culture she spends her spare time funding archeological digs and scouring the world for relics. As a hacker she is ranked with the best and despite the disapproval of many of her peers, often hires out to work for Neu-Leben Bionetics in aiding them to test the security of their more sensitive data-stores and corporate systems. Reclusive both within the Void and in real-life, she is believed to own a modern day castle that rests within Germany's Black Forest. The simple fact that she does sometimes work for the huge multi-national conglomerate megacorp makes Neu-Leben's apparent dedication to redressing the damage done to the environment of the old-world all the more believable.


HADES A relatively recent upstart with enough talent and backing to challenge the powers that be in the Void. Occasionally Hades vies with other hackers in the whispered games of the Black Circuit where he almost always achieves victory somewhere within the top three spots. Unlike many of his or her peers in the matches, Hades makes it his goal to try and eliminate those who oppose him, whether its in the illicit system runs after the matches or those unlucky enough to face off against him within the circuit itself. Rumored to be an independent, he is one of the few who don't pal around with the other independents, instead keeping largely to himself. Many believe that he is far too well geared and armed with various programs to be unattached but no proof has yet been uncovered and there is little doubt that anyone Hades catches digging around will earn his wrath.


Ice Queen Yet another Corpse hacker known for both her deft skill and penchant for flat-lining would-be data thieves, the Ice Queen works for Hatsiko Heavy Manufacturing and is even rumored to be a close confidante and sometime lover of Mariko Kubayashi the cyborg grand daughter of the megacorp's CEO. Since she presently resides on Fuso, Hatsiko's orbital satellite city with Mariko Kubayashi, it is likely that the rumors are true. Known for utilizing system Black ICE in conjunction with her own efforts in defense of various Hatsiko systems and data-stores, she has been the sole cause of more than a few dead Lancers and Edgers, not to mention rival Corpse hackers. As jaded and beautiful as she is dangerous, she is both highly respected and feared. Despite her quirks and deadly cunning, more than a few men and women have done their best to earn her attention and affections, and though they occasionally succeed she seemingly always returns to Mariko Kubyashi, much to the chagrin of Michiko, Mariko's mother.


Kintara Purchased with her twin sister, by a Yakuza Oyabun with a predilection for young girls; as a child in the black market slave rings that run rife in the Middle East, Kintara showed an exceptional aptitude for learning, especially in the areas of Void design and various system architectures. Once she turned thirteen, the once favorite of the Oyabun no longer inspired the same level of desire within her owner. Subsequently she was given the opportunity to learn a multitude of arts and sciences. Tutored both in the time-honored tradition of geisha servitude and various Void applications and technologies she has since continued her service as a Yakuza data-thief and is held in high regard for her skills in the Void. Considered to be an invaluable asset within the Yakuza, attempts to liberate her, often made by her sister and infatuated hackers; have usually ended in the deaths of her would-be suitors. What reason there might be that she hasn't utilized her time in the Void to seek rescue by one of the megacorps or betray the Yakuza is unknown, though speculation runs riot.


Leaf Like her twin sister Kintara, Leaf was purchased at the age of six by a Yakuza Oyabun from the slave markets of the Middle East. Originally of Scottish decent, both children were abducted by Triad members when their mother took them to London and were subsequently sold to slave-dealers. Also like her sister, Leaf was tutored in the various sciences and geisha tradition when her age made her less desirable to the Oyabun. Unlike her sister however, Leaf was liberated in the first attempt made by friends to rescue the two women from the Yakuza stronghold they were sequestered within. Since that time, Leaf has returned to Scotland and hires out as a mercenary data-pirate to anyone with the credit to pay her as she works to gain the financial backing to free her sister. Leaf is likewise known to be a worthy opponent among hacking circles and the twins often rendezvous within the Void in furtive attempts to formulate a plan for liberating Kintara.


Lorelei The woman known as Lorelei is both enigmatic and respected among the various hacker communities. Despite what one might think, this isn't based on her talent with respect to hacking, but because she is a fixer who deals with prospective clients around the world. Her primary medium is information and her list of contacts lengthy and illustrious enough to earn her the attention of even the megacorps, who often barter operations and contracts through her. The sculpted system she utilizes as a base of operations, the Dark Abode; is as protected and relatively inviolate as Dante's Inferno, and she and Dante are well-acquainted with each other. The real location and identity of Lorelei are subjects of heated debate and supposition, and more than a few megacorps and hackers alike would pay substantial sums to know anything about her physical whereabouts and identity. The system she inhabits appears to outward appearance like an ancient castle, replete with hideous Black ICE constructs and no few heavily armored hackers who guard her zealously.


MIMIR There are tales and legends about the null spaces out on the vestiges of the Void, in the unclaimed areas that exist in the virtual non-space. The entity known as Mimir exists somewhere out on the fringe of this part of the Void, hidden from most hackers and megacorps alike. Itís whispered that Mimir might be the representation of an experimental, pre-blackout AI or neural-intelligence, but if anyone knows any real details about Mimirís origins theyíre not talking. Those who have gone searching for Mimir rarely find him. And those who have found themselves suddenly faced with Mimir, if the rumors are to be believed; have usually been tasked with incredibility difficult objectives in return for whatever information they seek from the mysterious entity. On a par in the realm of information with the most powerful and influential Void entities out there, Mimir remains an inscrutable enigma.



Mistress The Mistress, or Mistress as she prefers to be referred to; is less a data-pirate or hacker as she is a Void-born dominatrix with a list of clients that gives her almost as much influence as any two megacorps combined! Rich enough to rival the CEO's of most megacorp rated Corporations, she often plays a pivotal role within the power-plays that go on in both the virtual and real world. Despite her own lack of ability in the realm of hacking or neural combat, the gothic-sculpted system, Gothica; she calls home is filled with Black ICE that is rumored to be provided by Babel itself. Likewise, she has no shortage of top-notch Void or physical talent to draw upon if necessary. Even the likes of Dante or Lorelei consider a visit or word from the Mistress to be an honor and there are few within or beyond the reach of the Void who have offended her and lived to tell the tale. Amazingly enough, many of her would-be supplicants; including no-few high ranking Corpse, often come to her for aid when other methods of achieving certain goals have proved futile.


Mojo The man known only as Mojo is as strange as they come. Known to be a sociopath, this deadly hacker once worked for Babel as a BlackOps Data-Pirate and is rumored to have been one of the supposed operatives who were to be exterminated following Babel's violation of megacorp systems around the world. Cloaked in secrecy of necessity, Mojo is rarely seen, but is likewise pervasive and influential within the digi-world of the Void. Those who speculate about him do so in whispers, even within the Void and mentioning his name to other hackers who are considered to be among the best in the Void often causes even their virtual personas to look uncomfortable. What his goals or aims might be are unknown and though it's believed he has frequented both Dante's Inferno, Lorelei's Dark Abode and visited the Mistress in Gothica, none of them will readily speak about the mysterious hacker.


Moon The hacker known as Moon is another Corpse worthy of note. Working for Mitsutetsu she is both Void security specialist and BlackOps data-extractor in the same breath. Unlike most Corpse, Moon enjoys slumming both within and outside the precincts of the Void, often socializing with Edgers and other supposed riff-raff. The simple fact that the Edgers tolerate the beautiful hacker is a mystery in and of itself, though rumors state that she is one of those rare souls who rose from the streets among those selfsame Edgers to serve the Corporations. If this is true she is an enigma, for Edgers are known to both ostracize and target former members who sell-out and join the soulless megacorps and smaller corporations. With skill and talent that easily put her on par with the best in the field, Moon is respected and even liked among most veteran hacker circles.


MUSE Similar to Mimir in terms of the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds her, the entity known as Muse appears to be either the focal point of veneration or the actual High Priestess or leader of the equally enigmatic Sisterhood. Unlike Mimir, where exactly Muse's private sanctum resides is unknown outside the ranks of the Sisterhood. Attempts by various megacorps and other hackers to discover more about or infiltrate the Sisterhood have met with abject failure to date, though not yet to the point that Babel has made it a mission to ferret it out and discover its actual purpose. Many consider it to be some form of New Age Nature Cult, and to be fair; the Sisterhood itself seems to support this interpretation, but despite the fact that there are consistent channels that exist between the Sisterhood and the world at large, none of them apparently even hint at anything about the Muse that might be useful, beyond an acquaintance with those who apparently serve her. 


Outcast One of the few Edgers who maintains a relatively high-profile, Outcast is one of the hackers who aided in the Global Stock Market crash of 2303 and is highly esteemed among Edger circles. Just a child when the Plume-Virus was unleashed upon his native Brazil in 2292, Outcast has an unfettered hatred of the world's corporations and is one of the pivotal players in the efforts to tear them down. Though the Edgers have no formal ranking or leaders as such, Outcast is most often among those who are considered the spear point of their movement and is one of the highest priority targets of numerous megacorp hit squads, including Babel. Despite this fact the hacker has managed to elude them all thus far and continues his personal and joint efforts against the corporate giants to this day.


Quicksilver A mercenary hacker by trade, Quicksilver is a Lancer who more often than not tends to do data-piracy for Edger interests, possibly owing to a relationship she had with one of their number who was slain on a run against Mitsutetsu. Despite this she keeps her interaction with the socially perceived subversive Edgers secretive and does business with various corporations and megacorps, with the exception of Mitsutetsu on a regular basis. Working out of Hong Kong, Quicksilver is well-respected among her peers and in the various hacker circles for her talent and dedication, though a great deal of that respect would be lost by all except Edgers if her affiliation and involvement with them were to become common knowledge.


Scarlet-Edge The woman known as Scarlet-Edge is a reclusive hacker frequently seen in Dante's Inferno and within the Dark Abode, the otherworldly virtual abode of Lorelei. Her affiliations if any beyond this are unknown, though it is rumored she is a highly skilled Lancer who provides various Void services to a wide variety of interests. The simple fact that both Dante and Lorelei are frequently seen with her lends these rumors a great deal of weight. Her name has likewise been linked to a mysterious organization known only as the Sisterhood, though there is very little information available with regards to what the organization's purpose is. Recently, her activity has become even more secretive causing a storm of supposition among the more elite runners within the Void.


Siryna Siryna works for Neu-Leben Bionetics and is easily as feared as Balrog when it comes to the various illicit data-pirates and contracted hackers throughout the Void. Born in Singapore to Corpse parents who are also in Neu-Leben's employ, her natural aptitude for Void technologies and subsequent rise to the top of her class in NLB's corporate university earned her the attention of her parents corporation. Straight out of school she was slated to join the Neu-Void division of Neu-Leben's Void research and development interest but the sudden breakthrough that brought about Splinter Cores and the death of its youthful head of R&D saw her instead transferred to Germany, where it is rumored Neu-Leben is once more attempting to forge a presence in Void technologies amongst its fellow megacorps.


Spiral Almost as feared and respected as the Mistress for her influence and seemingly uncanny habit of discerning the greater picture in relation to the world's megacorps, little is known about Spiral or what if any her affiliations might be. Fairly new on the virtual scene, her skill is unquestionable and she is as sought after as the Mistress with respect to non corporate data-traffickers, whom she seems to avoid; though she bears no allegiance to the Edgers or their causes which she often aids. It is rumored that she has connections with the same elusive group that Scarlet-Edge is believed to be affiliated with. Though those who bring up the subject of the Sisterhood with her, tend to find themselves cast from the chaotic maelstrom that is the sculpted system she resides within. Like most who have fashioned their own infamous virtual abode within the Void, the Maelstrom is both well-guarded by virulent Black ICE and seems to shift and move throughout the virtual digi-scape, hinting that the system she utilizes is physically mobile after a fashion.


Tease The woman known simply as Tease is quickly making a name for herself among Edger circles and is one of those rare individuals who has managed to not only hold her own with the likes of Balrog and the Ice Queen but has managed to send both packing. No mean feat in and of itself, such extraordinary performances have earned her a place of high esteem within the shadows of the streets. Believed to be based in Techno Chiba, Tease is wanted by almost all of the various megacorps for data-theft and similar crimes against a host of governments. Exactly who she is in the meat world and how she has managed all she has in such a short period of time remains unknown, though most simply comment that she is aptly named. Both Balrog and the Ice Queen would very much like to discover her identity for totally different reasons...