Data: This relatively youthful megacorp made a name for itself shortly after Neu-Leben sold off its fledgling branch facility Neu-Void, which Aztechtronics has since managed to change from a detriment into a viable corporate asset; albeit under a new name. Focused primarily on various Void sciences, cyberdeck architectures and program utilities; Aztechtronics is the newest corporation to earn a place among the big boys. Physically based primarily in South America, like its siblings Aztechtronics has branch facilities located around the globe and has managed well since rising into the sights of the other bullies on the block. Even Babel has had reason to sit back and take notice, though thus far they haven't taken to running BlackOps to learn more about this youthful upstart just yet. Many of its technical advances have made both its in-house hackers and their equipment top-notch, and more than a few of its siblings have courted Aztechtronics in the hopes of gaining a lucrative partnership as well as sending their own hackers to this megacorp's institutes for Advanced Void Studies. Most megacorp data-rats use middling to high-end parallel decks, with rare exceptions using molecular variations. Most Aztechtronic data-rats use only the range of molecular level decks, considering parallel and optical based decks to be too slow.

Babel understandably is eager to find out the megacorp's secret with regard to the cutting edge innovations and leaps in technology that they’ve managed. Only adding to the mystery surrounding this megacorp, is the fact that little if anything is known regarding who represents the entrepreneurial brain or brains behind it. Its various employees, from research teams to secretaries and even janitors are renowned for their tight-lipped service, which is partially a byproduct of the extensive insurance and benefits packages that Aztechtronics extends to them one and all. The packages offered to employees in good standing even surpasses the impressive range of benefits granted by Neu-Leben Bionetics. Still, their relatively recent entrance upon the larger scene has many speculating as to what their true objectives might be and where they managed to come up with the capital necessary to expand so swiftly.

In truth, no one has met whoever it is that truly holds the reins of power within the megacorp, though as with its siblings, speculation even within the corporation itself runs rife. Despite this fact, those who are doing the speculating do so with an obvious tentativeness, since to a one; none of them wish to place their enviable positions in jeopardy. Branching out recently into the electronics manufacturing industry, their most recent dealings have been with Hatsiko Heavy Manufacturing; usually involving the construction or renting of specialized factories to see to their expanding goals and needs. Likewise just last year saw them contracting Hatsiko and Lockheed Aerodyne Systems to aid in the construction of a massive deep-orbital structure that comes near to rivaling The Tower in size and scope. To a one, the other megacorps would be very interested in learning more about their youngest kin, though thus far all attempts have met with simple failure; almost as though Aztechtronics were aware of the intended attempt before it occurred. Likewise in each case, those teams sent in found themselves stumbling into a relatively unimportant portion of the megacorp.

Because of the buzz in both corporate and public sectors, concerning their unheard of generosity and a blisteringly well-orchestrated public relations campaigns, Aztechtronics is one of the few megacorps around that enjoys the same degree of beneficial public acceptance and opinion as Neu-Leben Bionetics.

Personages of Note: Very recently much of Aztechtronics has come to light. Its CEO has stepped forth to be recognized and has continued her ambitious attempts at diversification and growth. With the completion of Sol-1, Aleksandria has entered into a secretive contract with Aesir Conceptual Technologies, which is an even more mysterious, upstart on the corporate front that many believe to be a simple shell corporation that functions as a cutting edge think tank for the monolithic mega. While seeking to avoid the entanglements of having to attend Corporate Council meetings aboard the Tower, she has appointed Fang-Hua Jiang, a General and Counter Intelligence/Espionage expert as her representative and further assigned Ellen Saradrakus who has thus far exhibited an uncanny knack for ferreting out internal enemies of Aztechtronics to assist her. Beyond a few other military personnel not many notable agents of Aztechtronics have come to light.


Aleksandria Heijko Jivanovich CEO
Fang-Hua Jiang Corporate Council Representative
Ellen Saradrakus Counter Intelligence CPEO



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 16 17
 Agriculture 15 13
 Biotechnology 15 16
 Chemical 12 13
 Computer Engineering 20 20
 Computer Science 20 20
 Consumer Goods 17 18
 Cybernetics 15 16
 Entertainment 10  9
 Finance 16 17
 Heavy Industry 12 13
 Military Technology 17 18
 Nano Technology 15 16
 Service 11 12

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 17 18
 Intelligence 19 20
 Management 18 17
 Reputation 19 18


 Matrix 19 20
 Physical 17 16