The world of 2312 is dominated primarily by corporations and amongst these more specifically the megacorps. Those corporations that are for the most part separate nation-states, with autonomous, diplomatic immunity in all instances save for the Corporate Council. What is listed below is a sampling of the megacorps and larger corporations of today and a rough idea of their geographical locations, financial interests and the soulless individuals who hold the reins of power over the world at large, whether the world realizes it or not.

So you think that the streets are deadly and filled with pit-vipers eagerly waiting for the opportunity to rip you a new orifice given half a chance? It’s a cakewalk compared to the internal politics, intrigue and backstabbing that makes up the day to day life of any would be Corpse. To even survive in the cutthroat world of today’s corporations you’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head, raw talent and a keen sense of timing, otherwise you’re tenure within the corporate enclaves will be as brutally painful as it is short-lived.

Information is the key to survival. If you know who hid what where and who has what skeletons in their closets you might actually make it to lunchtime without a bullet in your brainpan or corpsec escorting you out the backdoor and into a clinic where they’ll give you a partial lobotomy free of charge just to keep you from spilling what you know to the competition. I was green and naive like you when I first got here... It doesn’t last. You may have grand visions of changing the machine but within a week it will have eaten you up and shit you out if you don’t learn to get with the program and do unto others before they do unto you. There’s no way around it. Those above want to make sure you know your place in life, beneath them. And those below, are hungry to seize upon your first mistake and fling you headlong back to the bottom of the food chain. There is no stasis in the corporate-game, you’re either fighting your way higher or tail-spinning out of control toward rock-bottom.