Data: Babel is infamous enough that anyone with an ear to the wire has heard of them. The King Kong of megacorps, the Goliath that every street-wise, would-be David is aiming to take down. The op that would see anyone who pulled it off go down in the history books and of course, down for the count. Babel is the epitome of megacorp existence in all its myriad facets and forms. A motley amalgamation forged by the most ruthlessly vicious entrepreneurs to rise from the pre-neo-history since the revisited Dark-Ages.

The Void was almost wholly created and set-up by Babel, and until they created it, the world had been composed of a fair number of isolated nation-states at war with one another. Holding the primary reins of control over global communication and beyond that the nearby vestiges of space. This megacorp is the original source of cyberdecks and Void hacking. Babel is as decadent and eccentric as one might imagine and then amp that supposition by several factors. Until a short five decades ago Babel waged whole-scale war with all of its sibling megacorps at once. This all ended abruptly however, due to its rapacious use of the Void and an assault team of the first Void hackers who systematically tapped into all rival R&D branches of the other megacorps, purloining their most valuable data. Its only mistake was getting caught. (It's CEO at the time bragged over dinner conversation to the CEO's of those self-same rival megacorps.)

The Corporate Reformation Act, put an end to some of Babel's machinations and granted the vast populace at large a much needed end to the ravages of disease, starvation and being caught in the middle of the megacorp's war. Babel now houses the brightest new stars and the most frenzied corporate climbers in the world. The mere mention that one serves Babel will either open all the doors or see you flat-lined. The CRA effectively placed the CEO's of Babel's then rival megacorps on Babel's Board of Trustees and likewise saw its previous president and the first team of Void-hackers subsequently executed in grand fashion.

Babel has since shifted from its ruthless domination as the premiere megacorp, to serving as the governing body among the megacorps, wholly apart and above petty rivalry. Pulling from the talent pool of the combined megacorps, Babel manages to achieve innovations and advances that have never even been alluded to, those few that have; being such as to skirt the boundaries of belief. Though their primary talents might be drafted by Babel, as prescribed in the CRA, the original parent megacorps still receive a sizeable percentage of any creation or benefit Babel derives from those creative talents or patents acquired.

Based primarily in the near vestiges of space, in a massive satellite city-structure simply called The Tower, Babel still involves itself in almost every nook and cranny of corporate existence, its shift to a governing body allowing it freedoms that it previously could only dream of. With the Lunar Colonies, Venetian Gas Mining Facilities and its Mars Mining Operations, not to mention its various remote enterprises on a score or more planets the majority of its major income now stems from beyond the small sphere of Earth. Still, if you were to peruse the R&D files of almost any megacorp, Babel would have the same files, updated almost to the nano-second. Babel has sleepers, facilities and even small armies stationed around the globe and elsewhere, and they have no reservations about using them should the need arise. In recent times Babel's previously unquestioned dominion over nearly all aspects of life to one degree or another has seemingly begun to fall prey to extensive, subtle sabotage efforts, though who or what is behind these undermining efforts remains a mystery to the previously omnipotent and seemingly omnipresent overseers of the megacorps.

Personages of Note: Babel is overseen by a ruling council with varying members holding sway dependant upon the corporate in-fighting of the moment. Likewise, each of its individual varied departments, from Babel Turing AI Watch, Void Oversight, Global Intelligence, Interplanetary Commerce, the Terrene Initiative and so forth, each specific sub-strata of Babel's interests is generally seen to and directed via elitist boards composed of nine members who in turn only answer to the ruling council. As one might suspect, positions and power struggles run riot on these secretive sub-councils where power is near absolute in their chosen spheres of influence. Only a few operatives who have nothing to do with control of Babel itself have come to light in recent times.


Maxamillion Von Kempt Acting Board Chairman
Belladonna Marie Beauvier BlackOps Field Commander
Isabella Villesanto De'Luna Abercrombie Former - BlackOps Matrix Specialist
Riproar Rogue BlackOps Field Commander



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 19 20
 Agriculture 19 18
 Biotechnology 19 19
 Chemical 19 20
 Computer Engineering 19 18
 Computer Science 19 19
 Consumer Goods 19 18
 Cybernetics 19 19
 Entertainment 19  17
 Finance 19 20
 Heavy Industry 19 19
 Military Technology 19 20
 Nano Technology 19 18
 Service 19 19

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 20 20
 Intelligence 19 18
 Management 19 19
 Reputation 11 12


 Matrix 19 20
 Physical 19 20