Data: Genomix Industries has been around in some form or fashion since before the Great Blackout and is rightly believed by many to have been originally formed by and tied to the Yakuza. Based primarily in Tokyo and Hong Kong, this virulent corporate machine is well-known for its ruthless practices and utterly unforgiving nature. To this day it vies with Neu-Leben Bionetics in every field that it possibly can and views them as their chief competition in the realm of above the table business. Committing acts or corporate sabotage and undermining its rival megacorps efforts whenever possible, it is as brutal as the worst among its siblings. Some believe that it's this understanding of the lengths that Genomix will go to against rival holdings that spurred Neu-Leben to begin its costly salvaging of the old world. Being larger and holding a position of high esteem in the eyes of the world's populace, Genomix would no doubt strive to outdo its most hated enemy and commit more of its resources to something other than constantly warring on Neu-Leben.

Regardless of its seeming focus on one of its peers, Genomix has its own fair share of enemies as well. Nippon is just one of its siblings who likewise seems to bear a monumental grudge against Genomix, though Nippon hasn't gone to the same lengths that Genomix has in its destructive attacks. Focused primarily on information, a score of sciences, from Void ware and technologies to bio-ware and similar products this megacorp maintains its position as one of the chief power brokers amid the highest organizations of power in the world.

Though it is indeed, still to this day heavily affiliated with the Yakuza; members of the more obvious criminal element who find themselves enjoying the positions of power within Genomix itself are expected and known for keeping a low profile in matters that might fall under the more questionable precincts of corporate existence. Though it has no shortage of degenerate souls filling its branches world-wide, to a one they are all perceived at least, to be soft-spoken apparently honorable men and women with an unflinching loyalty to the corporation that is both their extended family and unquestionable liege-lord in the same breath.

Recently, Genomix has shown a very active interest in spreading its pervasive influence to the colonies upon the moon and Mars as well as on the more distant colonized worlds, intent it is believed on establishing an early stranglehold over the criminal activities that take place there. With respect to open ruthlessness, Genomix stands alone with Nippon and Mitsutetsu as one of the most bloodthirsty and easily slighted corporations in existence. Most of it's impressive power brokering comes from subversive efforts through its 'apparently' unaffiliated criminal ties, who utilize every dirty trick in the book to garner more power for this semi-legitimate face of the Yakuza.

Personages of Note: Like the organization which it claims to have no ties to, Genomix is run by a consortium of several aged Oriental men; believed correctly to be the most renowned and venerable Oyabuns in the Yakuza; though no one has ever been able to link even one of them to the criminal organization. As one might suspect, these men are horrifically rich in terms of blackmail information, credit and personal power. Those who anger any one of these souls most often find themselves dead and buried, more often alive when the burying starts; with their family and any who hold allegiance to them following shortly thereafter.


Yanti Matsimoto Oyabun Board Member
Totho Hirosama Oyabun Board Member
Mirotetsi Yakimoto Oyabun Board Member
Jitiro Nogasaki Oyabun Board Member
Zinaga Mitsutama Oyabun Board Member
Tagomatsi Hiro Oyabun Board Member
Masimoto Nirogami Oyabun Board Member



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 14 12
 Agriculture 10 12
 Biotechnology 17 18
 Chemical 16 17
 Computer Engineering 16 15
 Computer Science 14 15
 Consumer Goods 16 15
 Cybernetics 14 16
 Entertainment 17  18
 Finance 14 15
 Heavy Industry 12 13
 Military Technology 15 16
 Nano Technology 14 16
 Service 16 17

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 17 18
 Intelligence 17 18
 Management 18 17
 Reputation 13 14


 Matrix 17 18
 Physical 17 18