Data: HHM might conjure initial images of prodigious poly-steel and plast manufacturing facilities and massive blast furnaces, and such a vision wouldn’t necessarily be far from the truth, but there is a great deal more to this megacorp than just the obvious. With the possible exception of biogenetics Hatsiko is into just about everything to one degree or another, if it involves mass production or construction. Heavily diversified into the manufacturing industry, Hatsiko industrial plants can be found spanning the globe and other terraformed planets and moons, thousands of them being leased or rented by sibling megacorps or more successful smaller corporations. Many of these facilities are specially created and tailored to a specific industry to serve in the mass production of highly specialized functions. (Such as engine construction, aircraft, food processing, etc.) Hatsiko is not just a provider of big buildings filled with custom-made machinery however.

With facilities and corporate enclaves located in and on all of the colonized and tertiary terraformed projects as well as earth itself, Hatsiko’s primary corporate offices are located in Hong Kong, with primary sister offices in Bangkok and Switzerland.

Hatsiko deals with bulk transport of mass materials as well, whether it be high-speed suborbital aerostars or city-sized tankers carrying billions of gallons of outlaw crude, Hatsiko has the means and will most likely transport it without quibbling over the cargo. Their interest in other markets is as eclectic as it is pervasive, such is the case when a business is focused around many of the mundane necessities of life, such as eating, waste disposal, and so forth.

HHM is primarily owned and controlled by the Kobayashi Family, an extended lot of highly individual souls who have become as jaded with existence as one might imagine; each slipping into their own world after a fashion. By and large the Mega-Corp is left to its rigid almost mechanical way of functioning, and aside from the intrinsic intra and extra-corporate sabotage and infiltration that consistently affect all Mega-Corps, Hatsiko on a whole is a lot less seedy than many of its siblings.

Personages of Note: The Kobayashi Family spend their day to day existence in pursuit of their twisted individual goals, comfortable in the knowledge that the corporation will continue to prosper. Almost to a one, the Kobayashi Family practice degenerate behavior and with the brutal emotional scarring most of them grew accustomed to as children it’s not surprising. The surprising thing is that though most of them are aware of why they view things in such a twisted way, they are quite content to continue on without worrying about such trivial things as why, or whatever passes for socially acceptable these days. It is often said that any form of recognition from one of the Kobayashi family is bound to end in misery for the one so recognized...


Hirosama Kobayashi CEO
Mariko Kobayashi Grand Daughter of Hirosama Kobayashi
Li Kobayashi Grand Son of Hirosama Kobayashi
Akemi Kobayashi Estranged Daughter of Hirosama Kobayashi
Michiko Kobayashi Daughter of Hirosama Kobayashi



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 17 18
 Agriculture 6 8
 Biotechnology 6 7
 Chemical 15 16
 Computer Engineering 11 12
 Computer Science 10 11
 Consumer Goods 18 19
 Cybernetics 6 8
 Entertainment 11  12
 Finance 14 15
 Heavy Industry 20 20
 Military Technology 13 14
 Nano Technology 17 18
 Service 19 18

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 17 18
 Intelligence 14 16
 Management 15 17
 Reputation 16 15


 Matrix 15 14
 Physical 16 17