Hong Kong



Hong Kong Hong Kong like Techno Chiba has an extended period of twilight due primarily to the towering structure of Neu Hong-Kong that rises upward from the precincts of the harbor. The streets of Hong Kong are much as one might imagine them to have been before the great blackout. The sordid underworld element is especially strong in Hong Kong, feeding like jackals upon the illegal dealings in Neu Hong Kong and the countless substances and items that originate and pass through Hong Kong itself. This ancient city hosts one of the largest illegal Bliss-chip manufacturing rings in the world as well as extensive production and trafficking in older illegal substances.

Despite what one might believe, Hong Kong still sees a great deal of tourism, usually catering to elite Corpse types and their retinues of hangers on. By and large the criminal elements in the city attend to tradition and prefer to keep things low profile as they wine and dine the various powerbrokers who might one day prove to be of use to them. That being said the illicit and degenerate practices that flourish in Hong Kong are the stuff of whispered myth and it is the favored vacationing spot of more than one member of the degenerate Hatsiko family. The gangs and larger criminal elements of Hong Kong do well for themselves and there are fewer places in the world where outsiders are relatively safe from casual molestation.

The people of Hong Kong are the living embodiment of an oxymoron, with simple fishermen and rice farmers with yak-pulled wagons journeying to and from a city filled with aero-cars a distant orbital launch facility and all the other necessities of modern day life. Despite the pollution that afflicts so much of the world, such conditions aren't as prevalent in this region of the world and it is one of the few places were there is a measure of eco-system awareness and more stringent guidelines with regard to corporate waste and environmental risks. Despite the modern day Zen for augmentative wares and mind wasting bliss chips a great portion of Hong Kong is dedicated to traditions that go back a thousand years or more..

Like most burgeoning cities, Hong Kong has no shortage of dark and dangerous ops and counter ops, especially with Neu Hong Kong so close to its precincts. Only top-notch talent tends to survive outside the various crime syndicates and power plays that go down between them, and a one-way trip to the bio chop shop awaits those who are too slow or too stupid to get out when the getting's good. Slaves, illegal pleasure androids and more than a third of the worlds bliss chips filter through Hong Kong, though truth be told more stay within the city than are shipped out.


Things of Note: Hong Kong is one of the premiere hunting grounds for all things illegal or illicit. If there's a taste for it, Hong Kong more than likely traffics in it. With the Yakuza and Triads warring for supremacy in the streets and back alleys, goods of every form and fashion change hands at dizzying speeds as one and all the populace of this wizened city vie for every edge they can garner. Slave-rings are all but commonplace in Hong Kong, with culturally elite travelers from all over the world walking the streets in search of that ideal piece for their personal collection and so forth. Both the Triad and the Yakuza are fiercely protective of the tourist trade within and around Hong Kong, due to reasons ranging from avoiding pissing off the wrong person, to simple smart business practice. If people are afraid to journey to Hong Kong, they all stand to lose a very lucrative market; not to mention the fact that the corporations may decide to take it upon themselves to annihilate the criminal organizations. As it stands at present however, the corporations and both of these aged criminal syndicates see very much eye to eye.

On the streets, Hong Kong is one of the few places in the world where the average peasant or commoner is still afforded a fair degree of respect and deference. Considered by the corporations and the syndicates within the city to be as important to tourist trade and luring would be visitors in as the myths and legends which abound in the city itself. Edgers are numerous in Hong Kong, with no shortage or ways in which they can strike out at the powers that be in defense of those who would be otherwise incapable of standing up for themselves. Whether it's freeing some visiting tourists wife, son or daughter from one of the more malicious slave-rings, or scouring the dockside heroin dens for some Corpse's errant child; there's always some form of biz going down that can see even an Edger living in style for a while off of the proceeds. That being said, Edgers within Hong Kong have learned that less is more in so far as reputation goes. Anyone who becomes too well-known quickly earns the dubious attention of the various power brokers in the local corporately controlled government as well as among the Yakuza and Triad syndicates.

Lying in the shadow of Neu Hong Kong, Hong Kong itself often proves to be the staging ground for sortie attempts when dangerous but lucrative contracts filter through the streets concerning a run on one of the specific corporate branches secreted within the massive city-tower. Likewise, from Corpse to Edger, more than a few souls from every walk of life have made the pilgrimage from whatever backwater burg their from, to visit Dante's Inferno; though wisely, most choose to doss down in Hong Kong rather than hoping for some bit of hospitality from the seedier denizens of Neu Hong Kong.

With respect to entertainment, Hong Kong is again; more akin to the old world than the present day ideas of recreation, which isn't to say it has no strobe-lit neon filled clubs; but that the emphasis is on traditional pleasures. By traditional pleasures is meant opium dens, bliss-houses, brothels that cater to refined tastes, usually involving BDS&M scenarios and the like; as well as sordid pit-fighting arenas and such that rival those of Chiba for bloodthirsty action. Likewise, Hong Kong does lots of business in shadier districts with the illegal sell of various firearms and dangerous or deadly rare substances.