Like so much of the world, the streets are a dangerous and harrowing place for the unwary and uninitiated. The dissidents and back alleys themselves vary from one sprawling metroplex to another, whether it be the darkened automated thoroughfares and alleys of Chiba, the city-sized skyscraper called Neu Hong Kong or the pressurized precincts of the Mars archeology, there are seedier more viral sides of society; that are known to be the proving grounds of the modern day. You either adapt and survive or you end up prey for a bigger badder bastard and your organs find a new home.

Indifferent industrialism has bred mean streets that grow ever colder, dirtier and more vicious with each passing day. Life is cheap, the lowest common denominator equating to what you can do and who/what you know. Power is relative to who knows you as well, even Corpse CEO’s occasionally find themselves earning a dirt nap for having underestimated the danger that lies in the shadow-filled alleys and distant districts beyond the fastidiously kept and secure Corporate Enclave they call home.

The vast majority of those you encounter on the streets are generally of two grades or at least they are in the eyes of those who call the streets home. There are sight-seers and there are the hard cases. The hard cases are the denizens of the streets, who have either grown up or been forced to take to the squalor and brutality of the shadier parts of what passes for the fringes of civilization. Usually these sturdy souls are gangers, local shop owners/small business owners, Edgers, an occasional Lancer, the local underworld figures, be they Yakuza, Triad, Tong, Mafia or radical terrorist cell, joy-girls and boys, chippers, drug-users, the homeless and all-manner of other societal flotsam and jetsam. The sightseers are fresh meat, rubes, men and women who find that in taking to the streets they've taken the ultimate and oft-times final gamble.

Those who have lived long enough to learn, will tell you that there is a rhythm and order to every city’s streets, and if you can't grow attuned to it you're dead, you just don't know it yet. If you can find it, and walk the talk you'll find doors open and word spreads swiftly amongst the tight-knit neighborhoods and slums that riddle every sprawl. Varying from one to another dependant upon a host of factors, be they corporate, political, environmental, belief and so on, these streets provide resources for the needful and a place to go to ground in times of danger. But as the Edgers and other refuse of the back alleys already know, nothing is safe when the Mega-Corps take their war to the streets.

Below is information regarding just a few well-known city’s, their general make up and nature according to the ever turning rumor mill.