Data: Mitsutetsu is well-known for its pharmaceuticals, which are used around the world by almost all licensed and unlicensed hospitals, razor docs and black clinics. Interestingly enough, due to the nature of modern medicine much of their research and development is aimed towards nanite technologies and innovations. It comes as little surprise to most that Mitsutetsu is also the world’s leading manufacturer of chemical and bio-chemical combat agents, ranging from commonplace physical enhancement drugs to scentless, invisible virals that turn people into flesh hungry zombies or other equally specific warfare reagents. Much of its research has inadvertently aided in the creation and repair of machinery via nanite solutions interspersed with various compounds, purely as a result of their advances in this arena, and Mitsutetsu holds the patents for many of these creations, including nanite sheathing.

The megacorps penchant for finding a treatment or cure for those diseases and ailments that crop up within the rich breeding pits of the world’s populated areas, has many speculating as to whether it isn’t Mitsutetsu who creates the viruses in the first place. Truth be told Mitsutetsu would not be against this if it thought it could escape discovery and there was profit to be made; though the risk of unknown mutations is likewise a real deterrent.

With production facilities located around the world, providing innumerable hospitals as well as other organizations with much-needed medical compounds and supplies, Mitsutetsu is both well-known and generally well-perceived. Its primary facilities are based in Chiba, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Switzerland where it is rumored to do shadowy black clinic work for those with cred to burn.

Controlled by a governing board calling themselves the Inner Circle, Mitsutetsu is a shrewd and heartless corporate entity with no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to earn a few more points for its shareholders or an advantage over its rivals both within and without. Like all corporations, Mitsutetsu is known for its intra-office backstabbing and sabotage; and this is quietly encouraged and rewarded. A firm believer in the Darwinian Principle, Mitsutetsu is not a corporation one wants to find themselves on the wrong side of...

Personages of Note: The Inner Circle is composed of eight members and represents several nationalities as well as an almost even proportion of men and women who sit within it. Like so many who find themselves at the upper echelon of power and resources within the modern day world, they all have skeletons in their closets, as well as tastes and predilections that they’d rather keep hidden, but woe to any who tries to prey upon one of them and is discovered or slips up. One and all they are heavily guarded, and an innate paranoia of all things within and without seems to be a prerequisite for any who would take the reins of power within this megacorp.


Elizabeth Tomkins Inner Circle Member
Allen Wetherton III Inner Circle Member
Aleksandra Rasputin Inner Circle Member
Chow Moiyin Inner Circle Member
Sir Winston Percival II Inner Circle Member
Toshi Tokimoto Inner Circle Member
Jennifer Walters Inner Circle Member
Michael Janak Inner Circle Member



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 14 13
 Agriculture 7 6
 Biotechnology 19 18
 Chemical 19 20
 Computer Engineering 16 15
 Computer Science 15 14
 Consumer Goods 18 19
 Cybernetics 16 17
 Entertainment 16  15
 Finance 11 9
 Heavy Industry 11 12
 Military Technology 15 16
 Nano Technology 17 18
 Service 16 17

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 18 19
 Intelligence 16 15
 Management 14 15
 Reputation 16 13


 Matrix 17 18
 Physical 18 17