Data: One of the most successful post holocaust megacorps in existence, Neu-Leben Bionetics has always kept themselves in good stead. Rarely do extractions or attempted smear campaigns by its rival megacorps seem to stick or make a dent in the primary innovator and creator of the majority of the world's cyber and bio-wares, physical sculpting modifications and useful med-tech prosthetics and procedures. Known publicly as an almost philanthropic megacorp (A unique distinction.) Neu-Leben has been an influential figure in the reclaiming of most of Western Europe from the destructive effects of centuries of pollution and whole-scale mismanagement. Recently, at no small cost to the megacorp itself, Neu-Leben has contracted Hatsiko Heavy Manufacturing to create a mass model of one of its wares for use in cleansing the surrounding bodies of water, though calls to its siblings to join in a combined effort have thus far met mostly with scorn, Neu-Leben continues to cause a stir both among the public and its sibling megacorps alike. .

Neu-Leben Bionetics primary base of operations is located within Hamburg Germany though the megacorp has holdings scattered around the world, on the moon, in orbit and on several terraformed extraplanetary worlds. In almost every Free-State and in every Country's Capital one can find a Neu-Leben Corporate Enclave, its occupants working diligently towards the corporations goals.

Obviously Neu-Leben Bionetics primary interest is in bio-ware, physical sculpting and medical technologies and the like, though it likewise is taking an increasingly active role in producing state-of-the-art cyberware technologies as well. Aside from these examples, it appears that the corporation's CEO Bryce Campbell has a possibly legitimate interest in correcting some of the ecological damage that has been mankind's birthright and legacy to future generations for centuries. Whether this is a simple public relations ploy or will continue to prove legitimate remains to be seen.

Recently after a failed attempt to purchase the elusive holo-gem that was auctioned in the now war-torn precincts of the Houston megaplex, an attempt was made on Bryce Campbell's life that very nearly succeeded. (For a time, he was indeed believed to be dead.) Unbeknownst to the corporations CEO his erstwhile employee Roman Pompei was behind the attempted assassination, though who exactly is pulling Pompei's strings is another mystery yet to be unraveled. For the moment, Pompei's plots have yet to come to light, though Neu-Leben's internal threat department is working feverishly to discover the who, how and whys behind the attack.

Personages of Note: Neu-Leben Bionetics is run by a board of stock-holders and trustees though it is one of the few megacorps to have an acting CEO who still manages to hold controlling interest in the corporation. For the most part, each branch enclave has its own acting CEO and so forth, all of course answerable to Neu-Leben's Chief CEO. Neu-Leben is no angel, for the most part its record of non-extractions is due to fair treatment among its employees but also there is a near perfect track-record of would-be defectors ending up flat-lined before they make it to the would-be extracting corporation.


Bryce Campbell CEO World-Wide
Roman Pompei CEO North America



 Market Overview

 Aerospace 11 10
 Agriculture 17 18
 Biotechnology 20 20
 Chemical 14 15
 Computer Engineering 17 16
 Computer Science 16 17
 Consumer Goods 17 18
 Cybernetics 19 18
 Entertainment 15  16
 Finance 10 9
 Heavy Industry 14 13
 Military Technology 16 15
 Nano Technology 17 18
 Service 16 15

 Operational Standards



 Fiscal 18 19
 Intelligence 16 15
 Management 18 17
 Reputation 19 20


 Matrix 18 17
 Physical 17 18