Neu Hong Kong




Neu Hong Kong Imagine an entire society, enclosed; virtually sealed away from the rest of the world, unaffected by such mundane trivialities as weather, traffic and smog. Your first mental image of such a place might resemble an ant farm and despite what you might think, you wouldn’t be far off. Situated just beyond the broadened expanse of Hong Kong’s commerce filled harbor is the eighth wonder of the world. An enormous tower city, which is a marvel of architecture and within, a frightening example of introverted self-absorption. Literally scraping and oft-times surrounded by the clouds, the massive edifice of Neu-Hong Kong is both tourist attraction, secluded corporate arcology and home to the nine tiers of Hell in the same breath.

Not to be outdone by the massive hover city of Chiba Proper, the various powers that be within Hong Kong; proposed a tower-city called Neu Hong Kong to remedy the swiftly arising problem of housing the burgeoning population of tens of thousands of Corpse fodder flocking to the corporations located within the major trading hub of Hong Kong. Thus the ambitious undertaking of building an arcology that would rival and surpass any single corporate arcology was begun. Housing over six hundred thousand souls, with more than enough room to house quadruple that number, Neu Hong Kong has managed to meet and exceed all expectations.

The awe-inspiring edifice rises six miles in height. Like the streets of most cities, those of Neu Hong Kong can be as dangerous and deadly as any elsewhere in the world. Because of its size and structure, Neu Hong Kong is ablaze with holo-imaging and more intrigue than any three Mega-Corps combined. In fact, this massive arcology houses branches of half a dozen such Mega Corps, including Mitsutetsu, Hatsiko, Neu-Leben, Genomix, and a few others. Much like Chiba, Neu Hong Kong has of necessity embraced the android and bot technologies and makes extensive use of both.

The various un-secure levels of the enormous construct play home to eclectic cultures both legitimate and criminal. At the center of the massive city is an amazing kinetic elevator, donated and constructed for Neu Hong Kong by Babel, that negates the need for large vehicles and allows easy movement between its seemingly countless levels. Neu Hong Kong is large enough that it can be seen from space by those in one of the various sub-orbital or fully orbital resort and city platforms. For the most part, Neu Hong Kong is a massive corporate enclave, primarily used by Corpse society, with the un-secure levels, being those levels that have yet to be leased out.

Though occasional armed patrols venture into the midst of the street sized halls of the unclaimed areas to weed out the riff raff, an illicit black market business flourishes in the undercity, and no small amount of the countless credits changing hands finds its way to the necessary hands above, which keep the lower levels undisturbed for the most part. As one might expect, the Corporations who have already rented or purchased space within Neu Hong Kong started from the top and have gradually been filling the levels leading downward from the pinnacle.

The various elements of the underworld have effected unique and interesting twists and changes to the general architecture of the lower levels, though nothing so obvious that they place themselves under too much scrutiny. One such place, patterned after Dante's Inferno, is a popular draw for the lawless as well as top-niche Corpse, who find the twisted microcosm of sado-masochism, bondage, discipline and lurid orgies to be an ideal place to conduct clandestine business and indulge in shocking activities when they've a mind to entertain. Like so much of the lower city, the entirety of the Inferno is both well-kempt and well managed, earning its owners both prestige and a weekly fortune in credit. Despite the potentially harsh atmosphere among the dregs of the city, Corpse are generally respected and left unmolested as long as they don't do anything too foolish.

Things of Note: The Edger fringe groups in Neu Hong Kong are miniscule at best, owing primarily to the various criminal organizations and corporate interests who hold sway within the massive sky-spire. Occasionally an enterprising Edger who fancies him or herself all but invincible deigns to try and infiltrate the uppermost levels of the city-tower, but more often than not; such souls find themselves discovered and dead before they can relay anything they might have learned during their subterfuge. This is primarily due to the extensive security measures that have been incorporated into the upper tiers of the city, DNA, fingerprint, retinal, scent and far more sophisticated CIN-cards just to name a few. Those legitimate citizens of Neu Hong Kong are not allowed to leave the city with their city-based forms of identification, instead being supplied with typical variants when business or pleasure dictates that they should leave the tower.

The only place where Edger-types can be seen readily is within the Inferno, for even the criminal Yakuza, Tong and Triad factions located in the lower levels of the city make a habit of killing any known subversive type; such as Edgers or basically anyone who disturbs the status quo. This is in large part because there are hefty rewards by way of privileges and credit, offered for the death of any would-be dissidents. Needless to say the bio and organ clinics located within the shadier districts of the tower-city do a booming business; as criminal types with a penchant for gambling among worse things; tend to flat-line most new faces who aren't obviously Corpse-types. If they can't convince the local branch of Ranger-Sec that the dead slot was a subversive in hiding, they hurry the fresh-meat down to one of the chop shops and make what cred they can from the poor sod's misfortune. Lancers who frequent the city are known for being understandably brutal and quick when faced with sudden opposition, and only those who have achieved a status greater than that of a mere poser should even attempt to enter Neu Hong Kong.

Unlike the criminal organizations within Chiba, the Tong, Triads and Yakuza within Neu Hong Kong; frequently war upon each other; though they're all wary of gaining too much attention from above as they struggle for every hall or spacious suite of the lower portions of the tower. Secretly, the various corporations above encourage this warfare, reasoning that such conflicts serve to keep their respective numbers in check, making it far easier to kill them all when a new corporations leases levels that might be filled with any number of criminals. There is little that's glamorous or truly interesting in Neu Hong Kong for any but the Corpse, though this fact in and of itself makes the towering city an ideal hiding place for those in need of a shelter that most won't bother scrutinizing.

Neu Hong Kong's upper levels host the most pricey and exclusive restaurants and classical bars and establishments one might imagine, which is a far cry from the sordid things that pass for entertainment far below. Dante's Inferno stands out primarily as the hottest venue within the Tower-City, playing host to well-known musical and sim-sense performances that rival those of Chiba and any other well-known city. With such colorful themes as Nude Night, Bondage Blackout and other even more bizarre variations on these ideas, the Inferno is always buzzing with excited party goers and affluent clientele. Below, in the uttermost bowels of Nue Hong Kong opium dens and other more illicit venues exist, wherein one can enjoy such dubious entertainments as either a spectator or participant as suicide solution, pit-fighting, devil-rat racing and of course the usual eclectic mixture of sim-stim sex parlors, joy-girls and boys as well as a full array of specially tailored meat puppet coffin hotels, where any and every fantasy can be readily indulged.