Paris The Paris of 2312 is presently much akin to what it was over 400 years ago. The majority of all Western Europe being primarily a tourist based region. Due in large part to the efforts of Neu-Leben Bionetics and Lockheed Aerodyne, the various cities and locales of note within Europe exist with the necessary infra-structure to stay current with technology, while maintaining the ephemeral appearance of the luxurious old world. Several other Mega-Corps have made a show of putting their cred behind the efforts to revitalize Paris and its sister cities, both to influence public opinion and to gain the support of those entrenched in the various power structures that still exist, whether it be the French Parliament or the English House of Lords.

The seedier sides of the streets of Paris aren’t as obvious or prevalent as they are in Chiba, Hong Kong and the other modern day cities. The black market activity in Paris deals in the exotic, from purloined pleasure androids and snuff sim-sense, to rare pre-blackout artifacts and of course information. Such deals are done behind closed doors rather than in the stained precincts of dingy bars or shadowed alleyways. In Paris style and class are more impressive than the barrel of a revolver or a guy named Bruno the Nutcracker. Threat of physical violence is rare and even if intended is worded much more indirectly than on the hardened avenues elsewhere, where the appearance of a gun, or colorful expletive are the norm. The smuggling business flourishes with everyone taking a small percentage before whatever black bag item reaches its destination.

Style is substance in Paris, whether you're a hacker or a razor-edged gun-toting one woman assault platoon, if you can't walk it or talk it you'll find little respect or credit and even less in the way of potential jobs. Theft is the second runner up to smuggling as the primary op-type that would-be entrepreneurs will find in abundance; though a few supposed thieves have found the lure of the object that they were sent to steal too enticing to carry through with their job and in most cases, wet-works that go down in the plex are farmed out by fixers who are trying to track down their latest confidence man or cat burglar who never returned with the suddenly missing treasure.

As one might expect given all the attempts and donations by the various corporations in and around Europe, the primary focus of economy in Paris is tourism; with a focus on Corpse-types who appear to be dropping wads of cred at every turn. For this reason, Paris; like much of Europe is renowned for its efficient and polite Sec-Pol forces, who understand that who did what and why aren't as important as getting all parties involved out of sight. This isn't to say that those caught perpetrating a crime or suspected of such are flat-lined out of hand, but that anyone suspected of being involved in any criminal activity is usually spirited away to one of the massive precinct houses and isn't heard from again until everything's been squared away. For those with credit, who of course; just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the wheels of justice are speedy and all too forgiving. Those who make the mistake of causing a spectacle with whatever business they're involved in, will find that there is no deeper darker hole than the decrepit subterranean prisons of Europe.


Things of Note: So you think you have a handle on the ins and outs that go on in Paris, eh? Think again buddy... As anyone would be able to attest to if they'd lived 300 years ago and were presently still alive, Paris is not an open book to anyone who's not a native. Despite hundreds of years and a society and culture that had all but vanished in the ruinous chaos following the Great Blackout, the locals don't take kindly to strangers who 'assume' that just because they know which way the wind blows, they should be given all due consideration. Though not as potentially volatile as some other European cultures, the people of Paris are used to a high degree of decorum and tact. Two things that most Edgers don't exactly ooze in profusion. That being said, the Edger community is as typical in most respects as any save for a rare few, meaning that if you're in trouble and know the right things to do and say, you'll find Paris is a good place to go to ground.

Unlike the majority of the world's cities, the Yakuza, Triads and Tong have only the faintest influence in Paris, while the Mafia and independent power brokers strut about as if they own the place; and to some extent, they do. For those looking for a good time, whether it be sex, drugs, Bliss-chips or similarly enjoyable past times, two things open doors in Paris. Influence, knowing the right people is always a plus, and of course; good old-fashioned credit. For those trying to earn a long-term spot for themselves in this elitist culture, you'll find that paying your dues without bellyaching about whatever's expected or asked of you, earns a lot more respect from those you're rubbing shoulders with than simply being able to put a bullet in someone's brainpan. Anyone can zero someone, but it takes true grit to suck it up when you're getting the shit jobs. That being said; no one expects you to be happy about being a perpetual errand boy or girl for months on end; knowing when to push for more is as important as doing what you're told or expected to...

Unlike most other cities, Paris exudes a refined culture even when it comes to its club scene; where clubbers dress and effect an air of highly refined superiority that all but disappears as the night wears on. As hedonistic as any other culture, Paris party goers are renowned for letting it all hang out, in a good way; once things have gotten underway. True, opium and other drug venues aren't as prevalent within Paris as they might be elsewhere; but they do exist, though anyone who has slipped so far as to frequent one of these joints, without doing so under the guise of briefly slumming quickly becomes a social pariah among the glitzy city's nightlife scene. Above all, Paris is the home to expensive tastes, whether it be the best cigars, real brandy or similarly cultured vices, Paris has it and it can be yours, for a price. One of the biggest draws of the Parisian entertainment scene are its high-grade sim-stim sex parlors and sensually classy brothels. The most attractive and knowledgeable joy-girls and boys from around the world, those who truly enjoy their chosen profession at least; view the Paris-scene as their idea of heaven. A place where people with their particular talent can expect more from would-be clients than the usual in, out and done that they find elsewhere. Whether it's state-of-the-art specialty meat puppet parlors or just an escort who would make any CEO sign over everything, Paris has become synonymous with pleasure.